The Musical Chairs of Student Registration

Another quarter has come and gone. This can only mean one thing… Hundreds of students are now scrambling to claim the classes they want for registration. The time period where a student registers for their classes can actually have adverse effects on their success rate. The University of Washington offers a variety of courses for their students to take. Once the student is in the major, they will need to complete required classes in order to move forward. The importance of a student being able to register for the classes that they need can often decide whether they graduate on time. This factor can be tied to how late the student in question registers for their class before the start of the next term. In other words… the more their registration is delayed, the less likely they will be able to get the classes that are needed. The information presented only holds importance to Undergraduate students. Once the student is pursuing a master’s degree, they will generally continue to persist till completion.

Figure 1: Pre-Major Students Who Register Less Than 30 Days Before Start of Term

The data in Figure 1 reveals if a Pre-Major student were to enroll less than ten days before the start of the term, their persistence rate is about 59.7%. At the end of the term about 1/3 of the students will drop out, and 18% of them was result of not registering sooner. Thus if the student in question were to register in this time fame, they are 6% more likely to be in danger of dropping out.

Figure 2: Pre-Major Students Who Register At Least 11 Days Before Start of Term

Their chances of success can improve by registering sooner. While as long if the Pre-Major student gives at least 11 days of space before the start of the term, this will not increase their chances by much. Referring to Figure 2, the data does show a peak when registered a month Prior. This will result in the student having a 73% persistence rate which is 13.3% higher than what was shown in Figure 1. The 50% who continue to persist are successful because of registering for classes sooner. It would be recommended for Pre-Major Students to register at least a month ahead of time to have the highest chance to be enrolled into their desired classes.

Figure 3: Declared Major Students Who Register 30 Days Before Start of Term

Students who are in the major exhibit similar results to Pre-Major students. By not enrolling a month prior, the student in question stands a higher chance in dropping out. Even if there is 26 days still left, 38% of the non-persisters will still dropout despite having a 90% persistence rate. In Figure 3, nearly 55% of persisters enrolled at least a month to two months prior having a persistence rate of 95%. Once again, proving that diligence for enrollment can greatly play a roll for the success of the student in the university.

In conclusion, it is important for undergraduate students to register as soon as possible in order to obtain the courses that they need or want. For further assistance in registration, please schedule an appointment with your academic advisor or visit the academic advising office.



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