With our push toward more meaningful use of technologies, we are transforming the anytime/everywhere learning experience.

At the Academic Innovations department, we strive to discover new and innovative ways to improve the learning environment at UWT. We hope for this blog to serve as a window into that process; and as a guide to getting started with some of the many tools the university provides. Our methods to achieve this include:

  • Gathering and interpreting analytic data relevant to life at the university.
  • Communicating our findings in a convenient and readable format.
  • Guiding students in utilizing resources that may contribute to their research and/or overall academic experience.
  • Being a voice for the students within authoritative departments.

You can read more about the Academic Innovations department as a whole at our official website. If you are interested in our faculty blog, check out the Teaching Learning Technology (TLT) corner.

The Team

Avery Horton
Colleen Carmean
Darcy Jenzen

Student Technologist

Associate Vice Chancellor

Director of E-Learning