Alaska Salmon Program

Data Requests

The Alaska Salmon Program has been collecting ecological data on Bristol Bay sockeye salmon populations and the lakes and streams in which they spawn during the ice-free season (June–September) since 1946.  The table below provides an overview of the main data types, collection locations, and time span for the data we have collected. Not all datasets were sampled every year within the time span they have been collected.


These data are available to the public. If you are requesting data, please include a statement of purpose detailing your professional affiliation, your scientific question(s), and your intended use of the data.  Alaska Salmon Program faculty, staff, and students have priority use of the data – this statement is to ensure that there are no overlaps with current ASP projects.


We often receive broad data requests for ‘all data from all systems’.  The Alaska Salmon Program will not fill these types of requests. Data requests should be fit to specific project questions and be supported by a statement of purpose.  


To request data, or for general data-related questions, please email Jackie Carter ( and include the subject line “ASP Data Request.”  By requesting data, you are confirming that you have read and agree to the terms of the Data Use Agreement detailed below.


Data Use Agreement  

The sharing of scientific data has the potential to greatly increase communication, collaboration, and synthesis within and among disciplines.  Use of this dataset is encouraged and permission is granted subject to the following terms:  


Acceptable use.  Use of the dataset will be restricted to academic, research, educational, governmental, recreational, or other not-for-profit professional purposes. You are permitted to produce and distribute derived works from this dataset provided that they are released under the same license terms as those accompanying this dataset. Any other uses for the dataset or its derived products will require explicit permission from the University of Washington – School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences’ Alaska Salmon Program.   


Redistribution.  The data are provided for use only by the person or group requesting the data. The metadata and this license must accompany all copies made and be available to all users of the dataset. You will not redistribute the original dataset beyond this collaboration sphere. Please refer outside inquiries to the Alaska Salmon Program.   


Citation.  It is considered a matter of professional ethics to acknowledge the work of other scientists. Thus, you should properly cite this dataset in any publications or in the metadata of any derived data products that were produced using this dataset.   


Acknowledgement. Any publication resulting from the use of this dataset should acknowledge all institutional support and specific funding awards referenced in the metadata accompanying this dataset. Acknowledgements should identify the institutional support and funding agencies, the Alaska Salmon Program, and any identifying information such as grant numbers.   Notification. You will notify the Alaska Salmon Program when any work or publication based on or derived from this dataset is distributed. You will provide the Alaska Salmon Program with two reprints of any publications resulting from the use of this dataset and will provide copies of, or on-line access to, any digital products. Notification will include an explanation of how this dataset was used to produce the derived work.   


Collaboration.  The dataset has been released in the spirit of open scientific collaboration. You are strongly encouraged to consider consultation, collaboration and/or co-authorship with the appropriate member(s) of Alaska Salmon Program.    


By accepting this dataset, you agree to abide by the terms of this agreement. The Alaska Salmon Program has the right to terminate this agreement immediately by written notice upon your breach of, or non-compliance with, any of its terms.  If you have any questions about these Conditions of Use, please contact Alaska Salmon Program (Chris Boatright or Jackie Carter  



While substantial efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of data and documentation contained in this dataset, complete accuracy of data and metadata cannot be guaranteed. All data and metadata are made available “as is”. The Alaska Salmon Program and its employees involved in the production or distribution of the dataset are not responsible for damages resulting from its use or interpretation.