Alaska Salmon Program

Employment Opportunities

Each summer the Alaska Salmon Program hires between 3 and 5 field technicians to assist with data collection at our 4 research stations. We do take applications from all over the U.S., and occasionally internationally. In most years the majority of our techs are undergraduate students or recent graduates from various U.S. institutions.  Experience is not required, but successful applicants must demonstrate a strong interest in aquatic ecology and a willingness to work long hours in remote settings and inclement weather.

In the field, technicians primarily assist in collecting long term program data:
-limnological data (water temperatures, zooplankton hauls, chlorophyll analysis);
-fyke net, beach seine, and tow net for juvenile fish;
-adult sockeye spawner surveys (on foot, hiking in a stream up to 10-15 miles per day)
-tag adult and juvenile fish with PIT tags or disk tags
-collect samples of brown bear hair, check camera traps
-assist with various grad student projects
-work with faculty on a daily basis

Field technicians are also expected to participate in tasks necessary to keep a field station running – cooking, cleaning, painting buildings, picking up people from the airport, helping with boat and equipment maintenance, etc.

Start and end dates are flexible, usually ~June 1~Sept 5.

If you are interested in applying for a summer field technician job, send a resume, unofficial transcript, and a cover letter telling us why you’re interested in spending a summer researching salmon and their ecosystem.  Deadline is March 1. Send application materials to both Jackie Carter ( ) and Chris Boatright ( ).