Okay, somehow my trope videos have an angsty theme going on which is completely unintentional.

For my second trope video, I felt really really really stuck. I was experiencing some hardcore anxiety last week and from that, very little progress in my video ensued and I could not plan where to start. I had so much random B roll that finally I saw the opportunity to just make a video about how I felt during the process of trying to finish the project.

Overall, I think I successfully played more with sound than my first trope and I tried to be a little more adventurous in terms of how I edited the video.



  1. The manipulation of sounds in your post-production is really good and it did a great job of giving me a depressing feeling. Also, the upside-down angle is pretty creative. Besides, the color tone in the whole video tends to be much cooler to convey an anxious topic. Like your video!

  2. I really like the sound effect. The sound of tides seems like a sample of peacefulness, but the narrator sounds really tired and creepy. The contrast of those two sound pass the main idea and fit into those clips very well.

  3. COOOOOOL! I really like the blue color tone and the little bit of disturbing. Can feel the same mood in the dead week:( Also, the processed sound reminds me of a certain plot in a Korean horror movie named Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum.

  4. Abby, I really liked this and your insomnia video before it! I actually hadn’t seen this anxiety video yet, but I made my greenscreen video a short one about anxious feelings someone with anxiety might experience. I really liked the way these videos were shot, they really tell a story. They in addition to my first trope video have inspired my final trope video. I can’t wait to see what your final video will be!

  5. Ditto to everything everyone has said. This is a great video and you did an excelent job portraying and instilling anxiety. The sound editing was the best part imo but overall it was fantastic.

  6. Daaamn this is really good. I have anxiety too and this is one of the first videos that I feel like got close to what I experience. The whole part when you’re upside down and looking around… yeah. This video is freaky and good.

  7. I really love your video. I can see how you demonstrate your trope topic and the story is very well. Great Job !!

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