Code and Patents

Software / Code

  • Glessuw: nanodevice simulation software, Public release, CoMotion, University of Washington, 2015 (with Yunqi Zhao and Ulrich Hetmaniuk)
  • Two-dimensional quantum simulator, Public release, NASA Ames Research Center, 2011 (with Dr. Alexei Svizhenko, Dr. TR Govindan)
  • NanoFET, M. P. Anantram, Shaikh S. Ahmed, Alexei Svizhenko, Derrick Kearney, Gerhard Klimeck (2011), “NanoFET,” (DOI:10.4231/D34T6F314)


  • Strain modulated nanostructures for optoelectronic devices and associated systems and methods, M. P. Anantram and D. Shiri, US 20100290217 A1
  • Photodetector cell and solar panel with dual metal contacts and related methods, M. P. Anantram et. al, US 20180261705