“No Ghost Just A Shell” — Annlee

Annlee, a character without narrative attached. She is an empty shell enriched by a group of French artists such as Philippe Parreno and Pierre Huyghe. The sci-fi image of Annlee and the modern 3D animation technology also give the artist more space to play around this idea. In this collaborative project, Annlee is walking on a 3D dynamic moon, reading novels, or even starring a movie. Moreover, spending only 4,600 Yen, anyone could have the chance to create their own Annlee and give her a life, in a metaphoric way.

It is exciting to see that a bunch of artists working on the same character when they all have their own dominance. The artists bring Annlee alive, using her as a media to express their own thoughts, whatever it is based on the image or borrow from the outside. Therefore, Annlee can be herself, can be the artists themselves, and she can be the mixture of the two as well. Moreover, every Annlee is interdependent, just like that she lives her life in multiple dimensions.

Furthermore, Annlee reminds me of a sculptural exhibition, a huge sculpture of a spider named Maman, created by French female artist Louise Bourgeois [1]. The same sculpture exhibit permanently and temporarily globally including Japan, UK, Spain, France, Russia, etc. Even though the giant spider has its own meaning that shows the mercy and love from mother, it is in very different locations can present various senses. For example, when the exhibition is in outdoors, people could imagine the spider as an evil metaphor as endless city life and the dark side of the commercial society. After all, the right to interpret and recreate the art is giving to the audience after the artwork has been presented. So as the Annlee.

About the multi-dimension idea of Annlee also makes me relate it to a sci-fi animation ‘Rick and Morty [2].’ Rick and Morty live in infinite universes that have infinite timelines, and in infinite universes, there is an infinite number of Rick and Morty that have various personality, opinions, living environments, adventures with little difference in appearance (mostly in hairstyle). When one pair of Rick and Morty in one of the infinite universes encounter the invertible danger, they have the choice to abandon their own world and move to another ideal dimension. Poor Annlee, I hope she could have the right to choose her own life one day, and probably that is the reason why Rikrit Tiravanija let her read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep for eight hours.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maman_(sculpture)
[2] https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2861424/

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