Trope One – Biopunk

— MUSIC: ‘If I had a heart’ by Fever Ray

Biopunk is derived from the cyberpunk and concerned with synthetic biology, which combines punk with organic technology, usually centered around the genetic engineering or protein synthesis (i.e., a combination of different species, merge of human and machine, etc. [1], [2]). Biopunk character usually doesn’t play the domain role in the movie or science fiction, but it could be the background or a jump scare to impress the audience. The booming of the development of life sciences causes the rise of biopunk genre in new millennium [3]. Biopunk thrives within the public debate about the forerunner of technoscience, and it takes the chance to make the innovative, radical, illegal and even anti-ethic creature to satisfy people’s imagination.

There are plenty of movies contain the biopunk genre, such as Resident Evil (gene cloning), Mad Max (wasteland punk mixes biopunk), Scanner, Ghost in the Shell (body modification in cyberpunk), Rise of the Planet of the Apes (intelligent gene-editing animal), and so on. Also, the eXistenZ, the most impressive and disturbing biopunk film, in my view, which inspires me to discuss and explore this trope here.

(Immortan Joe in Mad Max [4])
I also mentioned eXistenZ in my previous post The Queasy Trash Salad on the Internet.

“People are forced to being inserted a slimy tube into the spine to connect the online video game, and players cannot tell the difference between that VR video game and reality because the two are actually the shadow of each other. Moreover, even the things seem harmless for now, like a fish, would be made into a bone gun that fires human teeth.”

In this video, I tried to create a biopunk ‘weapon’ – Frogun (frog-gun) to pay my tribute to the classic Fish gun in the eXistenZ, and I recorded the process and remixed with the scene in the movie to see the exciting contrast.

Some features make a typical biopunk set, in my view, listed below, and I tried to reach these requirements in my own creation:
1. Synthesis bio and tech
2. Cult & low cost
3. Disturbing & gross
4. Coarse (can be low resolution)
5. Contrasted color (evil dark or super bright color)
6. Liquid, slimy, in a womb-like container

Materials I used:
1. Toy water gun
2. Fish can
3. Gummy bear (melt, then wrap the gun)
4. Strawberry jelly
5. Tide Pods
6. Nyquil
7. Nail polish


2 thoughts on Trope One – Biopunk

  1. I accidentally left my gummy bear on the radiator, and the result is awful. They melted and merged together, forming a package of red-greenish liquid. Your video reminds me that

    1. Yeah, it is disgusting to see them melting and mixing together, but so much fun as well:)


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