Trope Three – Cute is Evil

I am happy because I am a gummy bear. GUMMY BEAR!

Gummy bears are usually seen to be adorable, kid-friendly, and harmless, just like unicorn and fairies. However, people love the contrast, especially from the cutie [1]. The soft shell contains a hardcore soul that brings destruction and death. Therefore, what about I bring you a rebellion of gummy bears? A little movie includes friendship, chemical reaction, flashback, dialogue by robots, and evil undertone.

Cute can be … disturbing and unnatural.
These colorful little guys also starred in a horror movie, Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween [2].

Besides the ‘Cute is evil’ trope, in this final video, I want to use the gummy bear, my favorite character, to comprehend the tropes and styles I explored this quarter: I maintained my little disturbing sense, grabbed gummies from the biopunk trope and the sound response, and added RGB sic-fi color tone from all the time. Also, inspired by the re-score sound project, I used different music clips to decorate specific moments more precisely.

Hope you enjoy the adventure.


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