The Queasy Trash Salad on the Internet

Response to – Something is wrong on the internet

Through exampling massive disturbing videos for children posted on YouTube, the article Something is wrong on the internet written by James Bridle unpacked that tremendous amount of infrastructural violence on the internet is silently damaging the thought and mind of plenty of us deeply. Bridle also stated that inappropriate content, unverified source, and over-commercialization are three main characteristics of those algorithm-made video trash that make people concern.

Nowadays, the tech and PC become much more affordable and reachable than before, and the young parents also would choose online media as one of the ways of early education, which makes the unknown internet world more accessible to the young today. Due to there is no ranking and filter on the online video, which provides the fertile soil for low-cost and low-quality production to grow and develop, the inappropriate contents such as horror, sexual, and violence become more accessible to the kids as well.

—— “It feels impossible to know where the automation starts and ends, who is coming up with the ideas and who is roleplaying them.”

Furthermore, the producers of those “industrial nightmare” know exactly the audience will be mainly the kids, and they just want to gain profit from them. Even though sometimes the video just boring and meaningless or looks harmless, they could still affect the children in some way. We could borrow Roland Barthes here. Barthes thinks the visual expression can be an ideological, coded, or analogical visual message that could “control people’s mind.” Maybe not that serious as Barthes thought, but the shadow of the content would follow and impact the growth of kid slightly or deeply. “It is not it that we see.” Well, you never know. Moreover, sometimes, the producer cannot even gain real money from the trash video, and they just create tons of visual trash and leave them to float, then the victim becomes the innocent children.

Personally, this article reminds me of eXistenZ, a famous sci-fi movie directed by David Cronenberg released in 1999. It is my forever nightmare since that night I watched it alone in my bedroom when I was nine years old. eXistenZ encoded plenty of sarcasm to the society and internet world through a very disturbing way. People are forced to being inserted a slimy tube into the spine to connect the online video game, and players cannot tell the difference between that VR video game and reality because the two are actually the shadow of each other. Moreover, even the things seem harmless for now, like a fish, would be made into a bone gun that fires human teeth (damn). In my view, the eXistenZ can be a perfect disturbing irony for the internet nowadays.