One of the goals of the Association of Professional Advisers and Counselors (APAC) is to foster professionalism and encourage professional development. The funds are made available from membership dues and are awarded by the APAC Executive Board on a quarterly basis.


Scholarship money is designed to cover the costs of a class, workshop, conference, meeting or other costs associated with attending a professional development opportunity related to advising and counseling. Members are encouraged to submit proposals as groups, as well as individuals (for instance, applying for funds for a motor pool rental to get to a regional conference).

Scholarships are given up to $100 per applicant, per year, with the intention of funding at least one award each quarter. Additional scholarships may be awarded as funding allows. Advisers and counselors are encouraged to apply for the funding level they need for an activity; there is no set amount awarded and funding may be provided for full or partial expenses.

Scholarship applications may be submitted in advance of the proposed opportunity or retroactively (if the opportunity falls before the award announcement timeline).


The applicant must:

  • be a current APAC member; AND
  • be a permanent UW staff member (full or part-time) who advises/counsels students at 50% or more of their job responsibilities.
  • Applicants are eligible for one scholarship award per year (4 quarter cycle).

The opportunity for which funding is being sought must:

  • be a professional development opportunity related to advising and counseling; AND
  • must take place during the quarter of application submission OR have taken place the previous quarter.

One must be a dues-paying member of APAC or GPAA to be eligible for that organization’s scholarship funds. For example, someone who is a dues-paying member of GPAA but not a dues-paying member of APAC would be eligible for GPAA’s scholarships but would not be eligible for APAC’s scholarships.

Selection Criteria

The following areas have priority in the granting of scholarships:

  • Membership in APAC
  • Level of participation in the UW advising and counseling community
  • Presenting (includes roundtable or poster sessions) at a national, regional or state conference or workshop
  • Applications which propose to cover group expenses, thereby opening up opportunities for the benefit of multiple advisers or counselors
  • Scholarship recipients who are planning to contribute to the APAC community in return for receiving the scholarship. S/he may contribute their new learning in several ways, including, but not limited to: offering a workshop to the APAC community about their experience at the conference or workshop; hosting a lunch and learn to discuss a topical issue presented at the conference; and/or sharing professional resources through the APAC website (bibliographies, papers, etc.).

How to Apply

Fill out the online application by the quarterly deadline (fifth Friday of every quarter). APAC reviews applications and announces awards by the seventh Friday of every quarter. Awardees are required to submit receipts, proof of attendance, or other validation of their participation in the proposed professional development activity.

After Your Professional Development Event

  • APAC asks scholarship recipients to provide a brief post reflection about the professional development opportunity they attended.
  • APAC will provide reimbursement upon submitting documentation of registration, transportation, lodging, and/or meal fees (excluding alcohol).

Congratulations to our past winners

Winter 2020: Laura Todd (Art + Art History + Design)

Autumn 2019: Kristen Labrecque (First-Year & Pre-Major Programs)

Summer 2019: Lorna Hamill (American Ethnic Studies)

Spring 2019:  Denisse Guerrero-Harvey (Early Childhood & Family Studies)

Autumn 2018: Renata Cummings (EOP/OMA&D)

Spring 2017: Caitlin Goldbaum (Career & Internship Center)

Winter 2017: Brenda Larson (Electrical Engineering)

Autumn 2016: Meghan Oxley (Earth & Space Sciences)

Summer 2016: Erika Samson (Communication)

Winter 2016: Heather Werckle (Communication) and Holly Williams (Bioengineering)

Autumn 2015: Leah Panganiban (Aeronautics & Astronautics Engineering)

Autumn 2014:  Noell Bernard-Kingsley (Earth & Space Sciences)


Questions? Please email apac@uw.edu.