What is the Study About?

Chronic pain is a common and costly condition affecting millions of Americans. Different types of treatment such as mindfulness meditation, cognitive therapy, and activation skills have been used to treat chronic pain in the general population with success, but little is known as to how these treatments work. The purpose of this study is to compare how these treatments work and see why these treatments are effective. The study will use videoconferencing, survey, and activity monitoring technologies.

What Does the Study Involve?

  • Eight (8) videoconferencing group treatment sessions that last approximately 90 minutes each;
  • Wearing an activity monitor daily for approximately 10 weeks;
  • Twice daily online surveys for approximately 10 weeks and;
  •  Interviews before and after treatment (total of 4 interviews)

Participation in the study will last approximately 8-9 months. Treatment will take place remotely and will be delivered over 4 weeks; no in-person visits are required. Compensation for completion of the interviews, online surveys, and the return of the activity monitor will be provided.

Am I Eligible to Participate?

You may be eligible to participate if you:

  1. Are 18 years of age or older;
  2. Have chronic pain;
  3. Experience moderate to severe chronic pain on a regular basis;
  4. Are able to read, speak, and understand English; and
  5. Have access to a webcam and microphone as well as the Internet.

Note: Other criteria apply. A formal screening is needed to determine study eligibility.

What if I am not eligible for the Back on Track Study?

If you are not eligible for the Back on Track Study, we are also conducting a supplemental study called the Living in Full Even with Pain (LIFE) Study. Participants in the LIFE Study will join the same treatment groups as participants in the Back on Track (BOT) Study. Study procedures between the two studies are identical, except for additional weekly telephone surveys completed by LIFE Study participants. Please note you cannot enroll in both studies. If eligible, you will only be eligible for either the BOT Study or LIFE Study. If you complete the screening process and are determined ineligible for the BOT Study, staff will inform you if you are still eligible for the LIFE Study.

Who Can I Contact if  I Have Questions?

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