CRISP Update – Nov. 27. 2019

CRISP reported progress and made new connections at NAPCRG 2019 in Toronto.

Liz Sturgiss and Bill Phillips presented the CRISP poster reporting initial results of our needs assessment survey that included 286 respondents from 23 nations.

Initial results suggest there are opportunities to improve the reporting of primary care research to better meet the needs of many users: practitioners, patients, investigators, educators, and policy-makers. We are now finalizing this study report for publication.

Our initial needs assessment survey successfully engaged an international, inter-professional and inter-disciplinary group of primary care scholars and clinicians. However, we felt that the voices of practitioners deserved more emphasis, so we conducted a second survey focused on primary care practitioners. We are currently analyzing the responses from that survey and plan to report those results soon.

Using these survey results, we will synthesize a list of potential items important to include reports of PC research. Then we will conduct a formal Delphi study with a large and representative group to prioritize these items.

These results will help the CRISP Working Group assess the role and define the contents of guidance for improving the reporting of primary care research.

Thank you for your interest and contributions.

CRISP Working Group at NAPCRG in Toronto

CRISP Working Group at NAPCRG in Toronto (L to R): Chris, Aaron, Bill, Tim and Liz

CRISP at NAPCRG in Toronto

Please join us for CRISP activities at the NAPCRG meeting in Toronto, November 16-20, 2019.  

“Improving the reporting of primary care research: Survey of needs of researchers, clinicians, patients and policy makers.” (Poster P160) 9:45-10:45am – Sunday Nov 17. Frontenac Ballroom.

CRISP Open Meeting. 7:00-8:00am – Tuesday Nov 19. Queen’s Quay room

PC Clinician Survey – We need your opinion

Dear colleague,

We are seeking the views of primary care clinicians from around the world about how medical research is reported.

We need your expertise and opinions on how researchers could improve the way they report the research they do in, on and about primary care.  We are conducting this brief survey to understand the views of clinicians about the reporting of primary care research and how it can better help them in their daily clinical practices.
The results of this survey will help our CRISP team to inform an international Delphi study to develop consensus guidelines for reporting primary care research.

Please follow this link to the survey that should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

Please forward this email to other primary care clinicians who may be interested in sharing their views.
Your responses to this survey will be anonymous. Your participation is entirely voluntary, and you can skip any questions or quit at any time. This study has been reviewed and exempted by the Human Subjects Division of the University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA.
After completing this short questionnaire, you will have the opportunity to volunteer to be an important part of our Delphi Group which will work to develop a consensus list of reporting items in primary care.

Thank you  –  Co-Conveners, CRISP

William R. Phillips, MD, MPH, FAAFP; University of Washington, Seattle, WA.  USA.

Liz Sturgiss, BMed, PhD, FRACGP, MPH, MForensMed; Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

CRISP Needs Assessment Survey

Just released – Share your views – Oct 1, 2018
Help assess the current reporting of PC research and identify areas for improvement. Please contribute your perspective and expertise to the database that will inform our CRISP Delphi process and create consensus guidelines. We want to engage a broad, diverse, international and interprofessional group of people from all aspects of PC research.

We want to hear from you. Please take this brief, anonymous online survey now.
After completing this questionnaire, you will have the opportunity to volunteer to be an important part of our Delphi Group, which will work to develop a consensus list of reporting items in primary care.

Please also pass this invitation along to your PC research colleagues.
Thank you – CRISP Working Group

Needs Assessment Survey

CRISP – Consensus Reporting Items for Studies in Primary Care

CRISP is an international, interprofessional, interdisciplinary initiative to help improve the reporting of primary care research. We plan to use a transparent, explicit, iterative group process to identify guidelines that will be useful across the many methods, populations and settings where primary care research is performed, reported and applied.