Research Projects

Surveillance Platform Transparency and Public Oversight

We are studying the form and function of publicly procured information systems and artifacts categorized by the City of Seattle as ‘surveillance technology,’ with a focus on the transparency, accountability, and fairness of such systems.



Municipal Government Innovation and Technology Firms

In this project, we are writing a case study on a local model of public-private partnership called the Innovation Advisory Council.



Academic HCI Engagement with Big Tech

The academic human-computer interaction (HCI) community conducts research on user-facing hardware, software, and social media platforms dominated by a few key firms. Indeed, these scholarly communities have indelibly shaped the development of these technologies. This project aims to convene conversations on the multiple routes of academic engagement with ‘big tech’ firms and to foster opportunities for critical reflection on the role of academics in an increasingly concentrated marketplace.


Negotiating with Machines

This project considers the downstream implications of the allocation of labor to automated and systematized processes. In the near term, such processes are represented by interactive voice response (IVR) routing trees navigated by DTMF (i.e. keypad entry) and spoken commands. Looking to blockchain and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) as expressions of the same impulse to decentralize and automate decision making, this project interrogates what is afforded by these new processes, and what might be lost as they become more pervasive.

External Collaborations

Abstraction and Empathy in Computational Social Science; Peter Krafft, Karen Huang

Ostrom and the Design of Digital Institutions; Seth Frey, Peter Krafft, Brian Keegan