Postdoctoral Faculty

Faculty participating in the T32 training grant

Mary E. Larimer, Ph.D., Professor, Psychiatry
Research interests: Co-morbidity of alcohol use with depression, suicide, trauma, PTSD, disordered eating, and gambling problems

David C. Atkins, Ph.D., Research Professor, Psychiatry
Research interests: Statistical and methodological developments in alcohol research

Michele Bedard-Gilligan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
Research interests: Emotional engagement and relapse to alcohol use in a trauma-exposed sample

Beatriz H. Carlini, Ph.D., M.P.H., Research Scientist, School of Public Health / Health Services
Research interests: Tobacco and marijuana use impact on public health

Charles Chavkin, Ph.D., Professor, Pharmacology
Research interests: Molecular signal transduction mechanisms mediating the addictive properties of drugs of abuse

Seema Clifasefi, Ph.D., MSW, Associate Professor, Psychiatry
Research interests: Alcohol and substance use among homeless and/or criminal justice involved individuals

Susan Collins, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Psychiatry
Research interests: Harm reduction, alcohol and other drug use, substance use disorder

Dennis M. Donovan, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Psychiatry
Research interests: Substance use disorders & treatment

Bonnie Duran, Dr.PH, Professor, Social Work
Research interests: Alcohol- and drug-related problems

Brian P. Flaherty, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Psychology
Research interests: Applied statistics and measurement issues in alcohol and substance use research

William H. George, Ph.D., Professor, Psychology
Research interests: Alcohol and sexual risk & sexual assault

Katarina Guttmannova, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
Research interests: Etiology and prevention of alcohol, marijuana, and other substance misuse, social policy, drug laws, health disparities

Kevin Hallgren, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
Research interests: Alcohol and drug use disorder treatment for adults, statistics and technology in addiction research

Jason R. Kilmer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Psychiatry
Research interests: Brief interventions targeting alcohol and marijuana use; behavioral addictions; polysubstance use

Natalia M. Kleinhans, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Radiology
Research interests: Brain imaging in autism and addiction

Christine M. Lee, Ph.D., Research Professor, Psychiatry
Research interests: Etiology and prevention of alcohol use; longitudinal methods; daily and EMA assessment methods; developmental transitions

Kristen P. Lindgren, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Psychiatry
Research interests: Cognitive factors & alcohol use/misuse

Ty W. Lostutter, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
Research interests: Etiology, prevention and treatment of alcohol use disorders, and co-morbid mental health issues

John F. Neumaier, M.D. Ph.D., Professor, Psychiatry
Research interests: Neurocircuitry & molecular pharmacology & addiction

Myra Parker, Ph.D., J.D., M.P.H., Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
Research interests: Cultural adaptation of EBI

Paul E. M. Phillips, Ph.D., Professor, Psychiatry
Research interests: Dopamine transmission in motivated behavior and substance use

Douglas Ramsay, D.M.D., Ph.D., M.S.D., Professor, Oral Health Sciences
Research interests: Behavioral pharmacology (drug tolerance, drug addiction, drug-induced allostasis)

Isaac C. Rhew, Ph.D., M.P.H., Research Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
Research interests: Psychiatric & alcohol use epidemiology

Abigail G. Schindler, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
Research interests: Substance abuse & disorders

Tracy L. Simpson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Psychiatry
Research interests: SUD and PTSD

Cynthia Stappenbeck, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Psychiatry
Research interests: Alcohol’s acute effects on aggression, trauma symptoms, and sexual risk behavior

Denise D. Walker, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor, Social Work
Research interests: Substance abuse intervention development and evaluation

Larry S. Zweifel, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Psychiatry
Research interests: Mechanisms of phasic dopamine-dependent modulation of reward and punishment and the role of dopamine in generalized fear and anxiety