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December 17, 2018

Autumn 2018 E-Newsletter




                                          AUTUMN 2018


As we approach the new year, I would like to provide you with a summary of our major accomplishments during AY 2017-18. Perhaps the most exciting news is on the recruiting front, where we had three faculty members (Shan and Uttara in IS and Leela in OM) join us in September 2018. This year, we took a more proactive role and wrapped up recruiting earlier than previous years. As all of you know, we have already filled the two open positions! Mingwen Yang from UTD will join us next year. Marko Madunic who is already teaching for us on a part-time basis will officially join us as a Senior Lecturer in next AY. During AY 2017/18, we expanded the MSIS program to two sections. MSCM started its third cohort and the new MS program in Business Analytics (MSBA) got approval from the board of regents and will have its first cohort in Summer 2018. On the research front, ISOM was the most productive department according to Annual Foster Metrics prepared by the Dean’s office with 16 top-tier (A publications) published in Fall 2018. Our doctoral student placement was a success as our students accepted positions at Purdue, Indiana and UIUC. To wrap up, INFORMS Seattle is around the corner and Ted Klastorin, the co-chair of the conference and many of our faculty are involved. I am sure the conference will be a big success!

In closing, I wish all of you Happy Holidays and a great 2019. I am sure that with your contribution, 2019 will be another great year for the department.


Kamran Moinzadeh


Autumn was a busy quarter for USTC, who celebrated their 60th anniversary with the 2018 USTC-UW Workshop on Fintech and Management Innovation in Hefei, China. The conference featured Foster Keynote speakers Xiao-Ping Chen, Yong Tan, and Jarrad Harford.  USTC also welcomed six visiting scholars and eight VISIT students.

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KAMRAN MOINZADEH, YONG TAN, Hossein Ghasemkhani, Yung-Ming Li. (November 2018). “Creating Models for P2P Content Distribution,” Production and Operation Management, Volume 27 (11), 1940-1959.
Tom Schmitt and Bruce Faaland (July 2018). “A Fixed Rate Production Problem with Poisson Demand and Lost Sales Penalties,” Production and Operations Management, Print Forthcoming.
STEPHANIE LEE, Liran Einav, Jonathan Levin, “The Impact of Financial Incentives on Health and Healthcare: Evidence from a Large Wellness Program,” Health Economics.
SHI CHEN, YONG-PIN ZHOU, and Qinqin Zhang. “Impact of Supply Chain Transparency on Sustainability under NGO Scrutiny,” Production and Operations Management.

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Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) 2018
  Conference on Information Systems and Technology (CIST)

 Phoenix, AZ | November 2 – 4, 2018
MICHAEL WAGNER Held three sessions. Topics included: crowdfunding, 3D printing, and robust optimization.
Presented her paper “Rebalancing Geographic Healthcare Disparity through Telemedicine Consolations,” co-authored by X. Guo, Yong Tan, and Y. Dang was presented at CIST.
Presented  his paper”Capacity Investment in Wind Farms: The Role of Subsidy Policies,” co-authored by S. Alizamir and Safak Yucel.
TED KLASTORIN Presented two of his papers:

  • “Do Incentive Contracts Coordinate Decentralized Projects?” co-authored by Michael Wagner and Shi Chen.
  • “Managing Clinical Trials in a Drug Development Project,” co-authored by Kamran Moinzadeh and Hamed Mamani.
YINGFEI WANG Presented her paper “The Impact of Using an Online Health Platform on Weight Management,” co-authored by Lu Yan.
MASHA SHUNKO  Presented the following four papers:

  • “Which Locations are the Most Valuable in a Network of Service Outlets?” co-authored by Q. Yu, and S. Mankad.
  • “Does Feedback Make you Try Less Hard? A Study of Automotive Telematics,” co-authored by V. Choudhary  and S. Netessine.
  • “Evaluating Tail Performance of Queueing Systems Using a Novel Stochastic Ordering Approach,” co-authored by H. T. Do and A. Scheller-Wolf.
  • “Impact of Behavioral Factors on Performance of Multi-Server Queuing Systems,” co-authored by H. Do, M. T. Lucas, and  D. Novak.
YONG TAN Attended INFORMS, where he was co-author to over ten papers presented by faculty and doctoral students.
STEPHANIE LEE Prof. Lee had the following papers presented at INFORMS and CIST:

  • “Sponsorship Effectiveness of Branded Contents on Social Media,” co-authored and presented by Doctoral Student Shahryar Doosti.
  • “Beyond Solving the Last Mile Problem: The Substitution Effects of Bike-Sharing on a Ride-Sharing Platform,” co-authored by J. Quin, X. Yan, and Yong Tan.


KYUNGSUN ‘MELISSA’ RHEE (Doctoral Student) Presented her paper  “Social Hiring: The Right LinkedIn Connection that Helps You Land a Job,” co-authored by Yong Tan and Elina Hwang at INFORMS AND CIST.
BEHNAZ GHAHESTANI BOJD (Doctoral Student) Presented the following paper at INFORMS: “Can your Facebook Page Likes Predict Your Dating Behavior?” co-authored by Yong Tan.

Presented the following paper at CIST: “Star-cursed Lovers: Negative Impact of Ratings in Online Dating,” co-authored by H. Yoganarasimhan.

MOHAMMAD ARBABIAN (Doctoral Student) Presented his paper entitled “Capacity Expansion with a Bundled Supply of Capacity Attributes,” co-authored by Shi Chen and Kamran Moinzadeh.

Gave a talk entitled “The Impact of 3D Printing on Manufacturer Retailer Contractual Relationships” and chaired a 3D Printing session organized by Michael Wagner.

SORAYA ‘NADIA’ FATEHI (Doctoral Student) Presented two papers, both co-authored with Michael Wagner:

  • “A Robust Optimization Approach to Crowdsourcing Last-mile Deliveries”
  • Crowdfunding via Revenue-sharing Contracts”
TONGXIN ZHOU (Doctoral Student) Presented her paper “Users’ Continuous Participation in the Online Weight-loss Communities,” co-authored by Lu Yan, Yingfei Wang, and Yong Tan.
VIPUL AGGARWAL (Doctoral Student) Presented the following paper at INFORMS and CIST: “To Mine or Not to Mine: An Analysis of Crypto-mining Profitability,” co-authored by Yong Tan.
JIAYING DENG (Doctoral Student) Presented her paper “Can Employees Benefit from Social Capital? The Evidence from an Enterprise Social Media in China,” co-authored by Yong Tan.
ZIXUAN ‘MAGGIE’ MENG (Doctoral Student) Presented her paper “Influence of Peer Based Monetary Incentive on Content Generation,” co-authored by Yong Tan, Y. Ho,  and J. Wu at INFORMS and CIST.
ZHIJIN ZHOU (Doctoral Student) Presented her paper “The Dynamic Impact of Quantity Restriction on Backers’ Investment Intention,” co-authored by C. Ma and Yong Tan.
ZIBO LIU (Doctoral Student) Presented his paper “Does Size Matter? The Effect of Sampling Size in Online Physical Good Sampling.” co authored by Z. Lin, Y. Zhang, and Yong Tan.
ZHEN FANG (Doctoral Student) Presented her paper “Consumer Decision in Payment-based Knowledge Sharing Communities: The Analysis of Zhihu Live,” co-authored by G. Liu, J. Wu, and Yong Tan.
EMISA NATEGH (Doctoral Student) Presented her paper “A Multi-task Warped Gaussian Process Learning for Predicting the Optimal Next Line of Therapy in Multiple Myeloma,” co-authored by D. Coffey M.D., Hamed Mamani, and Yingfei Wang.
Professors Shi Chen, Ming Fan, Mark Hillier, Hamed Mamani, and Shan Huang were also in attendance at INFORMS. Uttara Ananthakrishnan attended CIST.  
CODE Conference 
 Boston, MA | October 26, 2018
Shan Huang attended this inter-disciplinary MIT conference on digital experimentation. 
International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS)
Workshop on Information Systems and Economics (WISE)
 San Francisco, CA | December 17 – 18, 2018
ELINA HWANG Elina won an award for Best Conference Paper for her paper “Social Hiring: The Right LinkedIn Connection That Helps Land You A Job,” at both ICIS and the KrAIS Workshop.

She also presented her paper “Mobilizing Healthcare across Geography through Telemedicine Consultations” at both ICIS and WISE.

UTTARA ANANTHAKRISHNAN Presented her paper “I Hear You – Do Online Reviews Lead to Quality Improvements?” co-authored by Davide Proserpio and Siddhartha Sharma.
SHAHRYAR DOOSTI  Alongside co-author Yong Tan, presented his paper “How Rewarding is the Reward? Demand Estimation of Crowdfunding Platforms.”
MING FAN  Attended workshops on E-business at ICIS and WISE.
Professor Stephanie Lee was also in attendance.  
ELINA HWANG Prof. Hwang was invited to give a seminar at Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota on October 18th, 2018, presenting her paper “Mobilizing Healthcare across Geography through Telemedicine Consultations.”

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ISOM Doctoral Students at our Autumn Happy Hour Event
ISOM held our Autumn 2018 PhD Research Seminar Series, where first and second year students had an opportunity to meet with faculty and hear about their research in small group settings. Soraya (Nadia) Fatehi, of Operations Management,and Kyung Sun (Melissa) Rhee, of Information Systems, both took their general exams in October. 

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This Fall, the MSIS community took on the Alaska Airlines Dawg Dash with a team of over 60 people! MSIS students, alumni, friends, and family trained together in preparation for the Dash. After the race, the MSIS community gathered in Paccar Hall to celebrate with their own Post-Dash Bash. We look forward to continuing this tradition with an even bigger group next year!

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The MSCM program had a busy fall quarter filled with industry conferences, experiential learning, guest speakers, and recruiting events. We sent a convoy to the CSCMP Edge conference in Nashville this fall, and came back with career leads for our students, the latest buzz in supply chain and new mentors.  A group of MSCM students attended an executive tour of the Boeing Everett factory for an exclusive opportunity to see an international supply chain in action. Getting to see operations of this scale in person helps prepare students to apply classroom concepts in their careers. 

 This year’s MSCM Supply Chain Leader Series has had an excellent line up of industry leaders. Students heard about digitization in supply chains, improving health product supply chains in developing countries, blockchain, sustainable sourcing, 3D printing and additive manufacturing, and on-demand warehousing to create flexibility in supply chains. Some highlights include talks from, Kalai Elango, Executive Director of Hyperscale Supply Chain at Lenovo, Prashant Yadav, Strategy Leader-Supply Chain at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Kurt Wedgwood, Blockchain Director at IBM.  

We also had several engaging Fireside Chat panel discussions on e-commerce and women in supply chain. These informal networking events allow students to build relationships with industry professionals while discussing the latest supply chain news and developments. Coming up in March of 2019, a group of MSCM students will head to Munich and Berlin. They’ll meet with supply chain leaders, tour facilities, and learn about international business relations and supply chain practices.  


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September 28th, 2018
Michael Wagner and Andrew Siegel
University of Washington | Operations Management
TITLE: Statistical Bias in the Newsvendor Model
October 5th, 2018
Basak Kalkanci
Georgia Tech | Operations Management
TITLE: Reveal the Supplier List? A Trade-off  in Capacity vs. Responsibility
October 12th, 2018
Mohammad Arbabian
University of Washington | Operations Management
TITLE: Capacity Expansion with A Bundled Supply of Attributes
October 19th, 2018
Vijay Mookerjee
 UT Dallas | Operations Management
TITLE: Econometric Technique:Structural Estimation of Controlled Diffusion Processes
October 26th, 2018
Kyungsun (Melissa) Rhee
University of Washington | Information Systems
TITLE: Social Hiring: The Right LinkedIn Connection that Helps you Land a Job
November 27th, 2018
Lanfei Shi
University of Maryland College Park | Information Systems
TITLE: Beauty and Signaling in Online Matching Markets: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment
November 30th, 2018
Mingwen Yang
UT Dallas | Information Systems
The Transparency-Revenue Conundrum in Social Trading: Implications for Platforms and Investors
December 4th, 2018
Daniel Rock
MIT | Information Systems
Engineering Value: The Returns to Technological Talent and Investments in Artificial Intelligence

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YUE GUAN is a PhD student from the School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University. She hopes to do some interesting and exciting research at UW with Professor Yong Tan. Her current research interests include deep learning, multimedia analysis, and consumer behavior. She enjoys the research environment at UW and the lifestyle in Seattle. In her spare time, she likes jogging, reading, and experiencing American culture.

 ZHENBIN YAN is a PhD candidate from the School of Management, University of Science and Technology of China. During his two-year visit at UW, he will work under the supervision of Professor Yong Tan. His research interests focus on deep learning, healthcare information systems, design science, and information science. Currently, he is working on a project in order to mitigate human labeling subjectivity of supervised learning systems in healthcare. He also would like to start new topics on FinTech and economics of information systems. He likes to travel and communicate with people in different cultures and backgrounds.

Juan Weng is a student from the University of Science and Technology of China, School of Management. She is studying identity consumer behavior patterns in mobile and social commerce to cover the economic model behind the behaviors. Juan says of Foster: “UW is a natural park and Foster is a palace of knowledge. I enjoy myself here when admiring the changing clouds, tender breezes, tall trees and charming flowers, as well as when learning from great minds of Huskies.”
      Jilei Zhou is a fourth year PhD candidate from the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University. Her study mainly focuses on e-commence and data mining. During her one year stay she will be working with Prof. Yingfei Wang. Currently, she is analyzing the data she has obtained from a vertical e-commerce platform of liquors in China. She also wants to begin some new topics here. During her stay in Seattle she has visited Pike Place Market and other famous attractions in Seattle.
Yifei Luo is a fourth year PhD candidate from School of Management, University of Science and Technology of China. His study mainly focuses on data-driven inventory management. Prof. Yong-Pin Zhou will work as his faculty adviser during his one-year internship, and he sat in a doctoral ISOM courses.  During his time here, he hopes to visit more famous and historic attractions in Seattle and America.

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