Current projects

Project EMAR – Designing a social robot to address teen stress

Teens face more stress than any other age group. I’m working on a team to develop a social robot to help better understand and address teen stress. Follow our work here:

EMAR Team Photo

The rhetorical nature of user experience design

The practice of user experience occurs in a rhetorically complex space where there are competing priorities and power structures. Since design practitioners tend to be the newcomers, both as a field and also within their organizations, they have had to develop rhetorically savvy ways to convince others to accept the methods and results of their work.

Sketching for user experience

Broadening participation in human-centered design

Building better technologies means we diverse perspectives and viewpoints at the design table. I work to bring community-based, participatory approaches to design research and also engage young people in design by introducing them to design practices.

Emma leading a research group