Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center

SHACS Lecture Series Speaker Archive

2019-2020 SHACS Lecture Series Speakers

18 October 2019 Heather M. Clark, PhD Mayo Clinic
6 December 2019
   S&H Minifie Lecture
Cara E. Stepp, PhD Boston University
10 January 2020 William A. Yost, PhD Arizona State University
Lecture series suspended due to COVID-19 campus closure

2018-2019 SHACS Lecture Series Speakers

2 November 2018 Chan Lu, PhD University of Washington
30 November 2018
   S&H Minifie Lecture
Ryan McCreery, PhD Boys Town National Research Hospital
7 December 2018 Karen Emmorey, PhD San Diego State University
11 January 2019 Chantel Prat, PhD University of Washington
18 January 2019 Richard A. Wright, PhD University of Washington
8 March 2019 Lisa Cunningham, PhD, CCC-A National Institutes of Health
15 March 2019 Josh McDermott, PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology
19 April 2019 Monita Chatterjee, PhD Boys Town National Research Hospital
3 May 2019 Adrian KC Lee, ScD University of Washington
10 May 2019 John Houde, PhD University of California, San Francisco
17 May 2019 Sara Kover, PhD, CCC-SLP University of Washington
7 June 2019 David Perkel, PhD University of Washington

2017-2018 SHACS Lecture Series Speakers

27 October 2017 René H. Gifford, PhD Vanderbilt University
1 December 2017
   S&H Minifie Lecture
J. Bruce Tomblin, PhD University of Iowa
8 December 2017 Annette M. Estes, PhD University of Washington
19 January 2018 Frederick J. Gallun, PhD National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research
23 February 2018 Olivia Bermingham-McDonogh, PhD University of Washington
9 March 2018 Bob McMurray, PhD University of Iowa
30 March 2018 David J. Ostry, PhD McGill University
13 April 2018 Timothy E. Hullar, MD Oregon Health and Science University
27 April 2018 Edwin W Rubel, PhD University of Washington
11 May 2018 Ward R. Drennan, PhD University of Washington
1 June 2018 John C. Thorne, PhD, CCC-SLP University of Washington

2016-2017 SHACS Lecture Series Speakers

21 October 2016
   S&H Minifie Lecture
Paul J. Yoder, PhD Vanderbilt University
28 October 2016 Joseph A. Sisneros, PhD University of Washington
4 November 2016 Harvey M. Sussman, PhD University of Texas, Austin
2 December 2016 Lauren M. Cycyk, PhD, CCC-SLP University of Oregon, Eugene
9 December 2016 Takashi Mitsuya, PhD University of Washington
6 January 2017
   S&H Candidate Talk
Christi Miller, PhD University of Washington
12 January 2017 Gwenaëlle Géléoc, PhD Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
13 January 2017
   S&H Candidate Talk
Andrew Brown, PhD University of Colorado, Denver
20 January 2017 Douglas Shiller, PhD L’Université de Montréal
23 January 2017
   S&H Candidate Talk
Alan Kan, PhD University of Wisconsin, Madison
27 January 2017
   S&H Candidate Talk
Srikanta Mishra, PhD New Mexico State University
3 February 2017 Akira Omaki, PhD University of Washington
10 February 2017 Michael Burns, PhD, CCC-SLP and
Carolyn Baylor, PhD, CCC-SLP
University of Washington
10 March 2017 Ione Fine, PhD University of Washington
31 March 2017 Beverly Wright, PhD Northwestern University
21 April 2017 Paige Stringer, MA Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss
28 April 2017 Jennifer Stone, PhD University of Washington
19 May 2017 Andrea M. Simmons, PhD Brown University
26 May 2017 Gregory S. Hickok, PhD University of California, Irvine
2 June 2017 Sarah M.N. Woolley, PhD Columbia University

2015-2016 SHACS Lecture Series Speakers

2 October 2015 Maria Chait, PhD University College London
16 October 2015 Richard A. Wright, PhD University of Washington
30 October 2015 Katherine Bouton Author
6 November 2015 Matt Goupell, PhD University of Washington
20 November 2015 Peter Rabinowitz, MD, MPH University of Maryland, College Park
4 December 2015 Ilene Schwartz, PhD University of Washington
15 January 2016 Leticia Naigles, PhD University of Connecticut
5 February 2016 Alan Kan, PhD University of Wisconsin, Madison
26 February 2016 Ian Winter, PhD University of Cambridge
11 March 2016 Natalie Douglas, PhD Central Michigan University
1 April 2016 James O. Phillips, PhD University of Washington
8 April 2016 Edythe Strand, PhD University of Washington
22 April 2016 Rebecca Hunting Pompon, PhD University of Washington
6 May 2016 JoAnn Silkes, PhD University of Washington
13 May 2016 David Francis, PhD Vanderbilt University
3 June 2016 Neil Segil, PhD University of Southern California