What can I expect?

Our English and Western coaches currently train through Ready to Ride Training at the Stanwood Equestrian Center! Lessons are conducted upon evaluation of the individual riders skill set, and our coaches will work with the rider to advance no matter what stage of the riding career they are. Lessons are $40 and can be both group or individual. Members are responsible for their own lesson schedule and transportation to and from the barn often consists of carpooling with other team members. Our coaches have between 10-20 horses they allow us to ride in order for us to experience a wide variety of personalities and styles. Each lesson is an hour long and consists of conditioning, equitation practice, and either pattern/jumping practice depending on your discipline.

Meet our Coaches:

Coach Amanda: Western

“I love that horses always have something new to teach!”

Coach April: English

“I have loved horses for as long as I can remember and have been riding for about 27 years, around 20 of those years in hunt seat and jumping. I think I am most excited to get to know the team and share my knowledge/experience!”