Department of Medicine IT

Remote Access

Remote access can be done many ways, here is the two most common ways to access work resources from home.

Remote Desktop

The Department of Medicine IT recommends “working in place” as much as possible. This means that when remote work is required users should remote from their personal devices to a work device. This prevents the accidental transference of confidential information to an unsecured machine, thereby helping protect you as well as the university.

Remotely connecting to your office PC allows you to experience your regular desktop configuration, applications, and files while working remotely. If you would like to remote access to your office workstation please contact us so we assist with the initial configuration.

For those that have had this configured, below are detailed instructions for accessing Outpost domain PCs. When prompted for the name of the remote computer you should enter the name of your office workstation, if you are not sure what this might be please contact the Department of Medicine IT Services and a technician would be happy to help. When prompted for credentials make sure that the username is entered as “outpost\your_username”.

Accessing a Work PC Remotely

VPN Options

Many resources prevent access from unauthorized locations, a VPN application allows you to access these secured resources when working from home or other off campus locations. Generally this will be used when you have a work device that is located off campus.

UW Husky OnNet

When a direct connection to the campus network is required, Department of Medicine IT recommends the UW Husky OnNet service. This service is available at no additional cost to UW faculty and staff. This service allows a connection to the campus resources, including Outpost services. Department of Medicine IT offers full support for the installation and usage of UW Husky OnNet via Full or VPN/Remote Access accounts. Authentication to this resource uses UW NetID accounts.

For more information please see UW-IT’s website at….

UW Medicine Pulse Secure

UW Medicine’s VPN service can be used for secure remote access to clinical resources and applications. This service is only accessible to users with AMC accounts.

For more information about Pulse Secure please visit their website at Their support website has an FAQ for self help items, or for detailed support with their service you can contact their help desk at 206-543-7012 or