Marcinek Lab

January 24, 2019

Aged muscle function and redox status improved by SS-31

Matt Campbell et al. have recently published in the journal of Free Radical Biology and Medicine a new study demonstrating improved redox status and function in aged skeletal muscle by 8 week treatment with SS-31. In this original research article the authors treated aged mice for 8 weeks with or without a mitochondrial targeted peptide. The authors found that SS-31 given for 8 weeks significantly increased mouse running performance and resistance to muscle fatigue while also improving mitochondrial function and efficiency. An especially novel finding in this particular work was that functional improvements of the mitochondria and skeletal muscle may be linked through improvement of redox status and redox sensitive post-translational modifications within the skeletal muscle. This suggests performance declines with age may be reversible therapeutically by specifically targeting redox state or redox sensitive post-translational modifications.