UW SOM Clerkship Catalog

Advanced Patient Care

Understanding your Advanced Patient Care Clerkship and Sub-Internship Requirements

Introduction to Advanced Patient Care Clerkship by Dr. Susan Merel & Dr. Tomoko Sairenji

This video explains the Advanced Patient Care requirement and language you will encounter as you enter the scheduling phase.

Topics Covered:

  • What is an Advanced Patient Care Clerkship (APC)?
  • The role of Elective Clerkships
  • How to find APC designated clerkships
  • Why are Sub-Internships important?
  • Choosing the right APC & APC Sub-I for you
  • Housing & Travel
  • Permission Only Clerkships
  • Suggested APC clerkships by specialty
    • These are suggestions for student preparation for internships and practice from Departmental Career Advisors and Dr. Merel’s and Dr. Sairenji’s knowledge as the clerkship directors of the APC.
    • This list is not intended as suggestions that will strengthen your residency application.
    • Contact your departmental career advisor if you have any questions.


For a list of Advanced Patient Care Clerkships and Sub-Internships, please refer to the Explore & Focus Clerkship Catalog