UW SOM Clerkship Catalog

Clerkship Policies

Policies that have been affected by COVID for the 2020-2021 Academic Year are highlighted in red.

Please refer to the Academic Policy Manual and M.D. Program Handbook for complete information about curriculum and registration policies.

Clerkship Absentee Policy 

Clerkship Absentee Policy (2020-2021 Academic Year)

Absentee Policy Video 

Clerkship Add/Drop Policy

Clerkship Communication Policy and Guidelines

Clerkship Credit & Credit Limits in a Specialty

Students entering Clinical Phase prior to Spring 2018

— Students entering Clinical Phase Spring 2018 & further

Clerkship Examination Policies & Guidelines

Exam Environment Policy

Required Clerkship Exam Schedule Guidelines (Pre-COVID, does not apply to 2020-2021 AY)

Required Clerkship Exam Schedule Guidelines (2020-2021 Academic Year)

Required Clerkship Examinations Video (Pre-COVID, does not apply to 2020-2021 AY)

Clerkship Grading & Evaluation Policies

Patient Care Phase Grading Video

Mid-Clerkship Feedback Video

Clinical Encounters Video

Clerkship Supervision Policy

EHR Policy

Explore and Focus Phase Track Guidelines

Professional Behavior & Conduct

UW Religious Accommodations Policy

Washington state law requires that UW develop a policy for accommodation of student absences or significant hardship due to reasons of faith or conscience, or for organized religious activities. The UW’s policy, including more information about how to request an accommodation, is available at Religious Accommodations Policy (https://registrar.washington.edu/staffandfaculty/religious-accommodations-policy/). Accommodations must be requested within the first two weeks of this course using the Religious Accommodations Request form (https://registrar.washington.edu/students/religious-accommodations-request/).

In order to plan accommodations that will avoid possible delays in course/clerkship end dates, UW SOM recommends students complete the  Religious Accommodation Request Form in advance of the start date of their course or clerkship.

Time in Seattle Policy

Time in Seattle Policy Video

USMLE Step 1 Examination Policies

E18 and previous years USMLE Step 1 Examination Policy

E19 and subsequent years USMLE Step 1 Examination Policy

Work Hours Policy

Clerkship Work Hours Policy Video