UW SOM Clerkship Catalog

Clinical Encounters FAQ

Questions? – somclrk@uw.edu

1. What is a clinical encounter?

  • A clinical encounter is a required experience that students registered in a required clerkship must complete during their clerkship

2. Where do I log my clinical encounters?

  • You will log your encounters in eValue. Log in with your netid on the portal and log under the “UWA, .Clinical Encounters” profile.

3. How do I log my clinical encounters?

  • Please watch our short video on how to log a clinical encounter.

4. Do I need to log clinical encounters for all clerkships?

  • No! clinical encounters logging is only done for required clerkships in the Patient Care and Explore & Focus phases.

5. What if I do not participate in or observe a departmental required encounter?

  • Departments will have alternative assignments for students to complete if they are unable to participate/observe a particular(s) clinical encounter. You will still need to log your alternative assignment in eValue with the case setting and role set as “Alternative Method”
  • Only log an encounter for alternative method if you have not participated or observed in that encounter

6. What happens if I do not log all of the required clinical encounters?

  • Policy and grading is established on a departmental level. Please contact your clerkship administrator about required assignments and clerkship grading.

7. Do I need to log encounters for each patient?

  • You only need to log each requirement once. After you have completed logging for an encounter you do not need to log any other cases for that encounter.

8. When should I be completing my encounters?

  • You should be logging your encounters throughout your clerkship.
  • Your logging should be completed by the last day of the clerkship.

Please reach out to somclrk@uw.edu for any further questions.