UW SOM Clerkship Catalog

Greater Seattle Option

Students participating in the Greater Seattle Area Option (GSO) will be scheduled for a minimum 24 weeks of their Patient Care Phase in the Greater Seattle area (24 weeks is not guaranteed for the 21-22 academic year, due to COVID-19 availability limitations).  The Greater Seattle area includes Seattle, the Eastside, Renton, Kent/Federal Way and Everett (it does not include Bremerton or Tacoma).  The GSO program also includes a 6 week block of time off in which students may register for electives or Explore & Focus required clerkships.

Please note the 24 weeks (not guaranteed for 21-22 academic year) for the GSO option may not be consecutive in the Greater Seattle Area.

If you would like to maximize your time in the Seattle area, we recommend applying to participate in the Greater Seattle Area Option. GSO students that are required to remain in the greater Seattle area by Disability Resources for Students will be scheduled accordingly, but we still encourage students to apply to the GSO Track so SOM can account for availability spots.  You do not need to add personal or confidential DRS information to your application.

Sample GSO Schedule:

OB GYN 670 (Kaiser- Seattle) Spring 6 wks: 04/01/19 – 05/10/2019
FAMED 651 (Omak, WA) Spring 6 wks: 05/13/19 – 06/21/2019
ELECTIVE VARIES Summer 6 wks: 06/24/2019 – 08/02/2019
SURG 674 (Virginia Mason- Seattle) Summer 6 wks: 08/05/19 – 09/13/2019
MEDRCK 672 (Billings, MT) Autumn 12 wks: 09/23/19 – 12/13/2019
PBSCI 665 (Seattle) Winter 6 wks: 01/06/20 – 02/14/2021
PEDS 665 (Seattle Children’s) Winter 6 wks: 02/17/20 – 03/27/2021


Questions? Please contact somclrk@uw.edu.