UW SOM Clerkship Catalog

Track Applications


How TRACKs work:

Patient Care Phase

Students in the Patient Care Phase Track are required to complete a minimum of 24 weeks in their regional tracks sites.  This means that remaining clerkships may be outside of your Track region.  Time spent in Track site may not be consecutive.

Explore & Focus Phase

Students in an Explore & Focus Phase Track will complete a minimum of 12 weeks at their regional site. Students will be initially scheduled for Required Emergency Medicine, Required Neurology, and one non-permission elective. For each of the Explore & Focus Track regions there are a limited number of non-permissions electives available. Time spent in Track site may not be consecutive.  Additional weeks at a Track site may require students to request permission from associated departments for a number of regional clerkships in order to build their schedules. Below are examples of the non-permissions available clerkships by region for the 2019-2020 clinical year:

Example of Available Clerkships

2019-2020 Non-Permissions Only Regional Clerkships Available at Track Sites






Advanced Patient Care Clerkships
ANEST 654 P-APC Chronic Care/Pain Mgmt – NAPM

ANEST 662 P-APC Chronic Care – Fairbanks APC

CONJ 628 APC Advanced Palliative Care- Anchorage, AK

FAMED 702- APC Advanced Family Medicine Outpatient Clerkship

ORTHP 686 P-APC Sports Medicine – Boise

MEDECK 671 P-APC-S Ward Medicine SubI – Boise 

FAMED 702 -APC Advanced Family Medicine Outpatient Clerkship (offered in Red Lodge, Plains, Ennis, Conrad, Ronan)

MEDECK 668 -APC Critical Care Medicine – Great Falls, MT

ANEST 684 P-APC Advanced Clerkship in Anesthesiology- Spokane

MEDECK 632 APC Inpatient and Outpatient Cardiology- Spokane

PEDS 624 P-APC Pediatric Emergency Medicine 

ANEST 665 P-Basic Anesthesia Clerkship – Anchorage

CONJ 608 P-Introduction to Palliative Care, Consult Track- ANMC – Anchorage

MEDECK 657 P-Clinical Hematology/Oncology- Alaska – Anchorage

OTOHN 688 P-Otolaryngology Clerkship – Anchorage

CONJ 672 P-Chronic Care/Boise- St. Luke’s Palliative Care 

MEDECK 680 P-Respiratory Disease and Critical Care – Boise

REHAB 684 P-Rehab Medicine Elective – Boise

SURG 656 P-Trauma/Acute Care Surgery- Boise

SURG 684 P-Pediatric Surgery Clerkship- Boise

ANEST 667 P-Basic Anesthesia Clerkship – Billings MT

MEDECK 665 P-Clinical Endocrinology – Bozeman, MT

ORTHP 650 P-General Orthopedic Clerkship – Billings

SURG 639 P-Rural Surgery – Polson, MT

SURG 649 P-Rural Surgery- Lewistown MT

ANEST 675 P-Basic Anesthesia Clerkship- Deaconess- Spokane

REHAB 692 P-Rehabilitation Medicine Elective – Spokane

SURG 653 P-Pediatric Surgery – Spokane

SURG 654 P-Cardiothoracic Surgery – Spokane

Time in Seattle

Time and Seattle Policy description.

Extenuating Circumstances

The application offers the opportunity to communicate your reason for applying to a given regional TRACK. This is your opportunity to indicate your regional preference, as well as educational and professional goals related to your application. If you are working with Disability and Accommodations or Student Affairs you do not have to provide these details in your application, a representative will be available during selection to provide guidance while respecting student privacy, you can simply indicate which department you are working through in the extenuating circumstances prompt.

If you have personal circumstances that require you to be in a region for part or all of your clinical phase, please contact Disability and Accommodations or Student Affairs regarding you particular situation and needs.