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Breakfast Club Schedule

Breakfast Club is a SLU seminar event hosted weekly by UW faculty members from various fields and departments including cardiology, pathology, metabolism, molecular and cellar biology, and other biomedical and genome science related disciplines. Each week an esteemed speaker, usually from the greater Seattle area, will come to give a 50-minute presentation plus 10-minutes for questions on topics ranging from research, to general health issues, and to scientific methodology.

See schedule below to join us next time!

Distinguished Lecture Series

Tuesday Oct, 30th 2018


9:00am – 10:00am

Samantha Harris, PhD

Associate Professor, Dept. of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
University of Arizona


"New Roles for cMyBP-C in Cardiac Contraction: Bridging the Gap Between Thick and Thin Filaments"

Faculty Host: Farid Moussavi-Harami, Dept. of Cardiology

Dr. Samantha Harris’ primary research interests are to define the role of cardiac myosin binding protein-C (cMyBP-C) in regulating cardiac contraction and to understand how mutations in cMyBP-C cause disease. cMyBP-C is required for the normal beat-to-beat function of the heart and is essential for increasing cardiac contractility in response to inotropic signal such as “fight-or-flight” stimuli that cause the heart to beat stronger and faster. In addition, phosphorylation of cMyBP-C is down-regulated during heart failure, whereas constitutive phosphorylation is cardio-protective. To further underscore the significance of cMyBP-C in heart function, mutations in cMyBP-C are one of two most common causes of inherited hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), the leading cause of sudden cardiac death in young people and a major contributor to heart failure in millions of people worldwide. Questions pursued in the Harris Lab thus provide basic insights into fundamental mechanisms of muscle contraction as well as have translational relevance to cardiac disease processes and sudden cardiac death.

Distinguished Lecture Series

Tuesday Nov, 6th 2018


9:00am – 10:00am

Isabelle Deschenes, PhD

Professor of Medicine, Physiology and Biophysics, and Biomedical Engineering
Case Western Reserve University


"Identifying Mechanisms Linked to Sudden Cardiac Death"

Faculty Host: Dr. Haodong Xu, Dept. of Pathology

Potentially lethal arrhythmias in rare inherited syndromes (idiopathic ventricular fibrillation) and more common, acquired heart diseases (cardiac hypertrophy and failure) have been associated with an imbalance of depolarizing (Na current) and repolarizing (Ito) current early in the ventricular action potential and a down regulation of Ito respectively. Dr. Deschenes previous work demonstrated that cardiac Ito and INa form a macromolecular complex. Delineation of the molecular basis of this macromolecular complex formed by Ito and INa is essential for an accurate understanding of cardiac ventricular depolarization and repolarization and its derangements that are associated with lethal ventricular arrhythmias.

Tuesday Nov, 13th 2018


9:00am – 10:00am

Padmini Rangamani, PhD


"Mapping Cell Shape and Function Relationships Using Theory and Modeling"

Past Lectures

Tuesday Oct, 23rd 2018


9:00am – 10:00am

Patrick Boyle, PhD

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Bio-engineering
University of Washington


"Computational Cardoilogy: Unraveling Complex Arrhthmia Mechanisms and Developing Novel Treatment Approaches"

Faculty Host: Michael Regnier, Dept. of Bioengineering

Tuesday Oct, 16th 2018


9:00am – 10:00am

Mary M. (Molly) Maleckar, PhD

Director, Models and Theory; The Allen Institute for Cell Science


"Modeling Experimental Insights from hiPSC and Derived Cells: Integrating the Cardiomyocyte"

Faculty Host: Michael Regnier, Dept. of Bioengineering

Distinguished Lecture Series

Tuesday Oct, 9th 2018

Sanjay Sinha, PhD

BHF Senior Clinical Research Fellow & Honorary Consultant in Cardiology
University of Cambridge


"Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine: Pipedream or Possibility?"

Faculty Host: Dr. Chuck Murry, Dept. of Pathology

Tuesday Oct, 2nd 2018

Azadeh Yazdan, PhD

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Bioengineering and Electrical Engineering
University of Washington

“Targeted Cortical Reoganization using Optogenetics in Non-Human Primates“

Faculty Host: Jenn Davis, Dept. of Bioengineering