Inclusivity and equity

The MSBL believes that diverse experiences and perspectives are mandatory for scientific excellence.

Within our lab, we welcome all willing participants – regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, beliefs, or socioeconomic or cultural background. We are committed to equitable hiring practices, and we strongly value commitment to diversity. When opportunities for hiring are not available, we are committed to pursuing alternate funding mechanisms such as NIH Diversity Supplements to create opportunities for candidates from underrepresented groups.

Our lab works to foster a climate of inclusion. We are committed to self-learning and confronting our own biases. We support a non-hierarchical structure where all voices (high school student to faculty) are valued. We mentor from a belief in self-accountability and positive reinforcement, and support each other through encouragement, trust, and honest feedback.

Our lab also believe that widespread efforts are needed to support anti-racist initiatives in society and academia. At present, our efforts are focused on our own sphere, which includes the Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, ISCRM, and the UW community. Our lab advocates for and participates in activities that support equity and inclusion to increase and sustain diversity at the undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, and faculty levels. As a member of the UNITE Executive Committee, Dr. Kwon helps lead a group of faculty, staff, and students working to promote equity and inclusion at ISCRM and in the UW community. He is also a member of the UW Orthopaedics Diversity Committee.