My first book, Religion and Public Memory, was published in 2008 and is a cultural history of the public memory of an Indian “saint” or sant named Namdev, who is remembered to have lived in the 13th century, and who is recalled at various points in time and in various places in India and outside India by people who used him to comment on their various “presents”. I trace this memory of Namdev in Indian history from the 13th Century to the present. The book was also published in India in 2009 by Permanent Black with the title, History, Bhakti, and Public Memory. The book won an award from the American Academy of Religion in 2009 called The Best First Book in the History of Religions.





My second book, co-authored with Andrew Rotman and William Elison, is on the Bollywood classic Amar Akbar Anthony published by Harvard University Press in 2016.







My third book, The Quotidian Revolution, published by Columbia University Press in 2016, examines religion and the cultural politics of vernacularization in 13th Century Maharashtra and the creation of the public sphere in India.  The “Preface” and “Introduction” of The Quotidian Revolution is available for download here.





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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Peer Reviewed Articles and Chapters in Volumes

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