Wollenberg Paper and Bioresource Science Laboratory


The TAPPI analytical laboratory is temperature and humidity controlled space.     The atmosphere is controlled to 50.0% +/- relative humidity and 23.0 +/- C for proper conditioning of samples per TAPPI method T402 sp-08.    Both temperature and relative humidity have significant effects on the physical properties of paper and other ligno-cellulosic materials.

The lab has the following equipment available to undergraduate students (priority), graduate students, and faculty;

  • Thwing-Albert tensile tester
  • CYEEYO ISO brightness, color, and opacity
  • CYEEYO smoothness
  • CYEEYO tear tester
  • CYEEYO Burst tester
  • Buchel STFI short span compression tester
  • Scott Bond Test
  • Gurly Permeability tester

Please contact the PI for training/orientation to use any instrumentation.   Upon completion of training – access will be provided.    The equipment is first come first serve outside scheduled academic classes.   If you have a time sensitive project that requires significant time on any instrument, we can reserve that block of time for you.

There is no charge for use of instrumentation provided it is in support of non-grant funded research or work.

Paper & Bioresource Science Center Rate Structure 2017