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Robert Starer

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American Academy of Arts and Letter Music Prize (1979)


Compositions for Winds:

Fantasy on “When Johnny Comes Home” (1998) for Piccolo and Winds

The Rolling Earth (1991) for Winds

Angelvoices (1989) for Brass, Timpani and Organ

Fanfare in Five (1984) for Brass Sextet

Annapolis Suite (1982) for Brass Quintet and Harp

Aspirations and Reflections (1982) for Winds

Evanescense (1980) for Brass Quintet

Cadenza (1978) for Four Flutes or Clarinets

Light and Shadow (1978) for Saxophone Quartet

Above, Below and Between (1976) for Winds

Stone Ridge Set (1976) for Winds

Profiles in Brass (1974) for Brass Quartet

Quartet (1972) for Woodwinds

Fanfarondale (1969) for Winds

Dirge (1965) for Winds

Fanfare, Pastorale, and Serende (1964) for Winds

Lyric Music (1963) for Winds

Reverie (1963) for Trumpet and Winds

Invocation (1962) for Trumpet and Winds

Dirge (1956) for Brass Quartet

Serenade for Brass (1956) for Brass Ensemble

Five Miniatures (1949) for Brass Quintet