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David Evan Thomas

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American Academy of Arts and Letters Music Prize (1990)


Compositions for Winds:

The Silken Ladder (2015) for Saxophone Quartet

Lotus-Eaters (2015) for 2 Alto Flutes, Bass Flute, Contrabass Flute

Sitting on Freud’s Lap (2013) for Saxophone Quartet

Tales of the Sierra Madre (2012) for Wind Quintet

Northern Light (2007) for Brass Quintet

Festive Prelude (2004) for Brass Quartet, Organ and optional Timpani 

The Ragtime Dream of Jonny Broom (1995) for Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano, Contrabass and Percussion 

Symphony, Memory’s Arc (1992) for Wind Ensemble

Garland (1990) for Tenor Solo and Wind Ensemble

Hydra (1985) for Oboe Trio