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Libby Larsen

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American Academy of Arts and Letters Music Prize (2000)


Compositions for Winds:

Big Bertha (2014) for Concert Band

Confluence(2014) for Saxophone Quartet

An Another Thing(2012) for Saxophone Quartet

Ursa(2010) for Tuba and Wind Ensemble

Cri de Couer (2009) for Solo Euphonium and Wind Ensemble

He Rose: Fanfare for Easter (2007) for Organ, 2 trumpets, 2 Trombones, and Horn (optional)

Blue Windows(2005) for Woodwind Quintet and Piano

Fanfare for a Learned Man(2005) for Brass quintet

Introduction to the Moon(2005) for Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Tuned Water Glasses, Recorded Voice, and 8 Collaborative Improvisations

River Fanfare (2004) for British-style Brass Band

Wait a Minute(2004) for Saxophone Quartet      

Fanfare for Humanity(2003) for Brass Ensemble

Strut(2003) for Concert Band

Brazen Overture(2000) for Brass Quintet

Hambone(1999) for Concert Band

Holy Roller(1998) Arr. By Boyd- for Solo Saxophone and Wind Ensemble

Brass Flight(1996) for Brass Choir  

Concert Dances(1996) for Concert Band

Fanfare: Strum (1996) for Wind Ensemble

Short Symphony(1996) for Concert Band

Sun Song(1991) for Concert Band

Grand Rondo(1988) for Concert Band

With Love and Hisses(1985) Double Woodwind Quintet