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Edward Jay Miller

Biographical Information:



Guggenheim Fellowship (1967)


Compositions for Winds:

Beyond the Wheel (1987) for Violin Solo, 2 Flutes, Piccolo, 2 Clarinets, Bass Clarinet, 2 Bassoons, 3 Percussion, Piano, Synthesizer, and Harp

Serenade or 5 Pieces for 11 Instruments, or An Ill- Lit Night with a Sick Muse (1982) for 2 Flutes, 2 Clarinets, 2 Oboes, 2 Bassoons, Trumpet, Horn, and Trombone

Fantasy-Concerto (1971) for Alto Sax and Band (2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets, 2 Bassoons, 2 Trumpets in C, 2 Horns, Trombone, Bass Trombone, Baritone, and Tuba

The Folly Stone: 5 Details From The Paintings of Hieronymous Bosch (1966) for 2 Trumpets (C and Bb Piccolo), Horn, Tenor Trombone, and Tuba