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Robert Carl Erickson

Personal Biography:



American Academy of Arts and Letters Music Prize (2016)


Compositions for Winds:

Death March (2016) for Wind Ensemble

Wind Quintet no. 2, “The Birds of Guandu” (2009) with MAX/MSP

From the Ground Up (2009) for Wind Ensemble

La Ville Engloutie (2007) for Wind Ensemble

Where Sound and Thought Meet (2003) for Saxophone Quartet

Our Meeting is Inevitable (1996) for Brass Quintet

Duke Meets Mort (1992) for Saxophone Quartet

Portraits of Days and Nights on Lake Como (1988) for Wind Ensemble and Tape

A Fork in the Road (1987) for Wind Quintet

Sunburst (1985) for Brass Quintet and Computer-Generated Tape