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Richard Wernick


Pulitzer Prize (1977): Visions of Terror and Wonder

American Academy of Arts and Letters Music Prize (1976)

Guggenheim Fellowship (1976)


Compositions for Winds:

Concerto for Cello and Ten Players (1980) for Cello, Wind Ensemble

Fanfare for a Festive Occasion (1981) for Antiphonal brass, percussion

Musica Ptolemeica: I. Epicycle 1 (1987) for Brass Quintet

Musica Ptolemeica: II. Epicycle 2 (1987) for Brass Quintet

Musica Ptolemeica: III. Epicycle 3 (1987) for Brass Quintet

Quintet for Winds (2007)

Concert Overture for Band (1962)

Snapshots for Band (1966)

The Diocletians for Concert Band