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Don Freund

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Don Freund



Guggenheim Fellowship (2005)


Compositions for Winds:

Sudden Spring (2015) for Woodwind Quintet

Aftertunes (the following episodes) (2013) for Brass Choir

Five Elizabethan Dances (from Romeo and Juliet) (2012) for Wind Ensemble

Onrery Prelude (2009) for Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Violin, and Cello

Outsider (2006) for Wind Ensemble

Exotic Particles and the Confinement of Quarks (2004) for Wind Ensemble

Earthdance Concerto (2001) for Concerto for Piano and Large Wind Ensemble

Fanfare of Celebration and Commemoration (2001) for 6 Trumpets

Beyond the Brass Gates (1998) for Concerto for Violin and Large Wind Ensemble

Nativitas! – Fantasy on Perotin’s 12th century Alleluia (1996) for Wind Ensemble

Southwinds (1994) for Winds

Spinning Rounds (1993) for Wind Ensemble

Good Morning, Melbourne (1992) for Vio­lin, Flute, Clar­inet, Alto Sax­o­phone, Horn, Trom­bone, and Syn­the­sizer

Radical Light (1990) for Winds, Piano, and Percussion

Jug Blues & Fat Pickin’ (1986) for Wind Ensemble

Consort Piece (1985) for 4 Oboes and 2 English Horns

Three Pieces from “Passion With Tropes” (score) (1982) for Soprano and Brass Quintet

Three Songs from “Passion With Tropes” (score) (1982) for Baritone Voice and Woodwind Quintet

Evening Song (1978) for 3 Pianos, 3 Trumpets, 2 Horns, 3 Trombones, Tuba, and Percussion

Springsongs (score) (1978) for Brass Quintet

Pastoral Symphony (1977) for Woodwind Quintet and Piano

Quick Opener (score) (1973) for Woodwind Quintet

The Waste Land (Four Movements After T.S. Eliot) (1972) for Wind Ensemble

The Falling of the Leaves (Poem by W.B. Yeats) (1971) for Baritone Voice and Woodwind Quintet

Romanza (1970) for Brass Sextet