“Internalized Borders”

Shiva Gallery, John Jay College of College of Criminal Justice, Curated by Susan Platt and Maria de los Angeles. New York, NY, Feb 14 – Apr 13, 2018.

Labyrinth with Wall (Map)

“Immigration: Hopes Realized, Dreams Derailed”

Spaceworks Gallery, Tacoma, WA. Curated by Susan Platt, July – August 2017.

Portrait of a Migrant 1: Shoebox

Portrait of a Migrant 2: Breadbox

Portrait of a Migrant 3: Framed Mirror

Labyrinth with Wall

Embroidered Book: Stories of Mi-Gra-Tion

Where do your Ancestors Come from? – Interactive Poster

“Fotohistorias exhibitions”

Work with migrants using participatory photography resulted in the following exhibitions:

  • “Stories of Migration and Actions for Justice,” Photo Exhibition at UW Center for Human Rights Annual Symposium, Seattle, WA. May 2016.
  • Fotohistorias: Participatory Photography and the Experience of Migration,” Photo Exhibition at UW Libraries Research Commons, Seattle, WA. April-June 2016.
  • “Photo Stories of Life at the Border: an interactive photo exhibition”, Association for Borderlands Studies Annual Conference. Portland, OR. March 2015.
  • “Photo Stories: an interactive photo exhibition based on participatory photography with Hispanic migrants at the US-Mexico”. Photo Exhibition at ICTD 2015 Conference. Singapore, April 2015.
  • “Fotohistorias: La Vida en la Frontera.” Photo Exhibition. Universidad Icesi, Cali, Colombia. April 2015.

Selection of past videos

An exploration of Internet use among Ashaninka indigenous community in the Peruvian Amazon.
Internet, what for? (2001)
This is almost an industrial commercial about ICT for development; it was intended to be a companion to the publication of the same name, presented at the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City, 2001.
Viven las Comparsas (1993)
This is the last documentary I produced in Colombia, about community day care centers in Bogota.
Raíces Mágicas (1992) (with Mauricio Beltran)
This was the result of a couple of years of participatory video production with kids in Ocaña, Colombia.
Crecemos Juntas (1989)
Peasant women’s co-op in La Calera, Colombia
Todo el Amor (1987)
War victims from El Salvador receive medical treatment in Cuba.
Técnica Agropecuaria y Reforma Agraria (1986)
Agrarian reform, agriculture and communication skills training in Nicaragua.
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