Remote Sensing & Geospatial Analysis Laboratory


RSGAL is an academic remote sensing research branch of the Precision Forestry Cooperative (PFC) and serves as a place for student research and research based learning. To foster such environment the lab has a multi-level composition including postdocs, masters and PhD students and some limited space for undergraduates. All persons in RSGAL work on funded research or teaching; we do not provide volunteering or unpaid internships. We often have faculty and scientist visit the lab for short or longer stays including sabbaticals, some of these visits are jointly combined with the PFC that Dr. Moskal also Directs. The lab is physically located across the hall from the USGS Forest Service scientist lab at the UW, allowing for a close working relationship and co-advising opportunities between the university and government agency scientists.  The structure of the lab provides for daily interactions and mentorship.

The current lab manager is Jonathan Batchelor, he is also a PhD student in the lab.

The RSGAL meeting is on Wednesdays at noon , if you would like to join the meeting or present, please contact the lab manager.