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Remote Sensing & Geospatial Analysis Laboratory



Visiting Professors

  • Dr. Hao Zhang – Visiting Associate Professor, Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Beijing, China
  • Dr. Guang Zheng  – Visiting Associate Professor, International Institute for Earth System Science (ESSI), Nanjing University (NJU), China. His researches focus is on biomass assessment and leaf area index using TLS, ALS and UAS.

Research Scientists, Postdocs and Staff

  • Dr. Alina Cansler – is a Postdoc in fire ecology working with Dr. V. Kane who collaborates with PFC/RSGAL.
  • Dr. Meghan Halabisky landscape ecologist, conservation biologist, and remote sensing scientist with a background in GISciences, environmental policy, and conservation management. Her research interests lie in understanding historic and future changes to ecosystem dynamics  across spatial scales through the development, integration and application of high-resolution remote sensing tools. Meghan got her dual MSc degree in SEFS and Evans School of Public Policy and Governance (Dr. C. Thomas), and her PhD in SEFS with Dr. Moskal. A big part of her research focus in on wetlands and she is the co-lead on the NASA funded CMS Teal Carbon Project within the PFC.
  • Dr. Susan Prichard – a forest ecologist with a specialty in fire ecology. Her interests are in the effects of fire and other disturbances on forest dynamics, climatic change on forest ecosystems, and fuel treatment options to mitigate wildfire effects. She work with the Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory (U.S. Forest Service) in Seattle, Washington and is affiliated with the PFC.
  • Maureen Dunne – Maux received her MS from Oregon State University, she is a Project Manager and Stakeholder Communications for the NASA funded Teal Carbon Project, more details on the project can be found here. She works closely with Dr. Moskal and Dr. Halabisky.
  • Jonathan Kane  – research consultant staff (Research Scientist) working with airborne LiDAR and other remote sensing data to quantify forest structure especially with regards to fire and wildlife habitat.

PhD Students

  • Jonathan Batchelor – PhD student who has worked on terrestrial LiDAR to quantify forest structure. He has also used repeat photography and GIS to quantify passive restoration processes. His PhD work will use LiDAR in the realm of landscape ecology.
  • Pratima KC – PhD student of Dr. Kane with Dr. Moskal serving on her committee. Worked on large-scale vegetation responses to drought indices using remote sensing data. Currently studies the use of LiDAR for analyzing forest resilience to disturbance processes such as fire and drought to develop better land management practices. She is also investigating the spatial distribution of woody shrub vegetation across interior Alaska.
  • Colton Miller – PhD student (co advised by Dr. Moskal and Dr. E.  Alvarado).  He will use remote sensing to monitor forest management regimes for forest fire resilience.
  • Anthony Stewart – incoming PhD fall 2020. co advised by Dr. Moskal and Dr. Butman, working on the NASA funded Teal Carbon Project, more details on the project can be found here.

MS Students

  • Caden Chamberlain – Starting Fall 2020
  • Andrew (Drew) Forster – is supervised by Dr. Moskal, but also works closely with Wendy Gibble, the Associate Director of UW Botanic Gardens and  Manager of Conservation and Education, Washington Rare Plant Care and Conservation. He focuses on conservation of Showy Stickseed (Hackelia venusta) using drones to monitor plant populations and predict potential habitat 
  • Elena Salas – holds a Gates Foundation Fellowship and is partial supported by Dr. L. M. Moskal through the PFC, she works under the supervision of Dr. V. Kane LiDAR in forest ecology applications.
  • Nastassia Barber – works on UAS and micor-multispectral/thermal sensors for mapping forest fire ecology and is co supervised by Dr. V. Kane and Dr. E. Alvarado.

Undergraduate Students

  • David Hirschowitz – works in RSGAL under Dr. V. Kane on LiDAR data processing for forest ecology applications.
  • Astrid Sanna – is working with Dr. Halabisky and Dr. Moskal to look at spatiotemporal patterns of wetlands.
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