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Welcome to the 2018-19 Team!

The 2018-19 school year has started and we are officially underway in building a hybrid rocket for IREC 2019!
When SARP first started in 2012, our team consisted of just 10 students, brought together by a common interest in exploring rocket science. Now in 2018, just 6 years later, we have reached over 200 members from a wide range of disciplines and majors! And even better news, we placed FIRST PLACE at IREC 2018 in the 30K feet Student Researched And Designed(SRAD) Hybrid rocket category! Click here to see the full list of results. Our fundraiser campaign has just started and is now OPEN! It will last until December 2, 2018, so please consider giving us a hand. Your help means the world to us as a team! To donate or get more info, click the link to Funderbolt:  New R&D this year includes two major components(among many other improvements):
  • Plasma payload: The project will investigate plasma electrode geometry and the system will sit in the nosecone of the rocket. The objective is to test the validity of a plasma actuator as a flow controller by measuring flow disturbances due to plasma formation during the flight of the rocket.
  • Composite overwrapped pressure vessel(COPV): This project aims to design, manufacture, and test a flight-ready composite-wrapped oxidizer tank to replace last year’s aluminum oxidizer tank.

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