What’s a liquid bipropellant rocket?

A liquid bipropellant rocket (or bi-prop) consists of a propulsion system with a liquid fuel and oxidizer. The propellants are pumped or pressure-fed and injected into a combustion chamber, where the fuel and oxidizer are mixed and ignited. The current SARP propulsion system in development, utilizes an ethanol/water mixture for fuel and a nitrous oxide as an oxidizer.

What’s a hybrid rocket?

A hybrid rocket uses a propulsion system that is comprised of two different states of matter. The most common configuration is a solid fuel lining the combustion chamber into which a liquid or gaseous oxidizer is injected and ignited. For our rocket, we use solid paraffin wax and liquid nitrous oxide.

Can I join halfway?

New member applications are open at the start of Fall quarter and may be opened during Spring quarter depending on the work situation. The applications are currently open for the 2020-21 development year! The application will close on Friday, 10/16/2020 at 11:59pm.

What if I’m not familar with the skills listed for a team or I’m not an engineer, but I’m interested in being on sarp?

Apply! We have roles for students across the campus. Additionally, we bring on members with varying levels of experience, and we always will have seasoned members to help newer members along the way. No experience is required to join the team.

Can students not majoring in Aero & Astro join SARP?

YES! Students in any major are encouraged to apply.

What if I am interested in several projects?

There will be opportunities to help out different groups in the development process, but your main responsibilities will be with the sub-team that you are selected for.

Can I join if I am a student at UW Tacoma or UW Bothell?

Yes, all UW students are encouraged to apply! Some activities may require in-person participation if the COVID-19 situation improves

How much time do members spend working on SARP?

For general members, it can range from 5-10 hours per week.

Will there be in-person work this year (2020-2021)?

Because of COVID restrictions, on campus work will be minimal to non-existent during Fall Quarter. Leadership will reevaluate before every quarter with the help of the Aeronautics and Astronautics Department as well as the College of Engineering. Our members’ safety is our first priority.

what is IREC?

IREC stands for the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition which takes place in New Mexico at Spaceport America, during which more than 600 university students participate in the competition, representing over 50 schools from 6 different continents It is hosted by the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association(ESRA). More about IREC: http://www.soundingrocket.org/what-is-irec.html

Can I watch the rocket launch?

IREC is open to the public to visit student group presentations and check out their rockets in-person. More about the competition: http://www.soundingrocket.org/sa-cup-home.html