The Society for Ecological Restoration UW is comprised of many student officers and a Faculty Adviser. These officers help keep the organization running by fulfilling important duties specific to their position. The SER-UW always needs new officers as our experienced officers graduate, so we almost always have openings for officer positions! And if you would like to get more involved in the SER-UW, we can create an officer role tailor made for your interests. Email with your interest, and we can get you set up as a club officer! Our current officer roles are:


The President is involved with a variety of activities related to the SER-UW organization. The primary duty of the President is to oversee the club members and ensure that the organization is performing effective restoration and providing restoration opportunities for students on campus.  Specifically, the President is responsible for reaching out to individuals and groups, responding to the email, keeping track of campus events and upcoming opportunities, and facilitating meetings in order to aid in sharing of information to the attendees. OPEN/CLOSED for applications.


The Treasurer will help the SER keep track of its expenses and helping us fund our work parties and events. There are many resources already available to help the Treasurer as they manage our finances; templates for expense tracking, the application for funding through the School of Environmental and Forestry Sciences, and the reimbursement form are already available to the Treasurer for use. Managing the funds for the SER seems like a really intimidating task, but it is simpler than it appears. The majority of the Treasurer’s tasks will be to act as the correspondent between the club and Michelle Trudeau. Michelle is the Director of Student and Academic Services, and she helps us acquire funding through the School of Environmental and Forestry Sciences. Also, the Treasurer will help us find funding from other sources; some of them will be through the school, others will be from outside the school. OPEN/CLOSED for applications.

Communications Officer:

Basic duties include drafting weekly newsletters and working with new SER volunteers, officers and restoration leads to establish restoration sites. The Communications Officer works closely with the SER-UW president as well as other SER officers and volunteers. The Communications Officer is responsible for gathering information from other officers or volunteers about upcoming work parties, events and general happenings which will be included in the newsletter. The commitment level of the Communications Officer is flexible and depends on how much availability the student has during the quarter. OPEN/CLOSED for applications.

Volunteer Coordinator:

The basic duties of the Volunteer Coordinator are to work with the project managers who are in charge of any specific SER-UW restoration sites to help manage the volunteer needs for their work parties. This typically involves creating registration forms for work parties, updating the Upcoming Events calendar, recording volunteer participation and ensuring that students fulfilling extra credit or experiential learning experiences are attending events, and working with the communications officer to ensure the newsletter is up to date. This officer position serves one key purpose: support volunteers and the restoration site managers who need them. OPEN/CLOSED for applications.

Plant Wizard:

The “plant wizard” has traditionally been in charge of helping site managers locate plants for their restoration sites. This typically means that the plant wizard keeps an ear out for salvage events (an event hosted by a public or private organization that allows people to come and save plants before a forest is demolished for construction), coordinating with the SER-UW Nursery and the UW Grounds Crew, and looking out for special deals on plants from other nurseries. Basically, the goal of the plant wizard is to make plants appear! OPEN/CLOSED for applications.


Current Officers 2019-2020

Faculty Adviser

Jon Bakker,


Victoria “Tori” Fox,

Communication and Outreach Officer

Laura Keil,

Volunteer Coordinators

Nikoli Stevens,

Julianna Hoza,


Alicia Kellogg,

Union Bay Natural Area (UBNA) Ranger

Victoria Fox,

Native Plant Nursery

Nursery Managers

Chloe May,

Will Braks,

UW Grounds Crew Liason

Janell Patterson,

Stacey Sowers,

Kincaid Ravine

Continuity Contact

Dan Hintz,

Whitman Walk

Continuity Contact

Jim Cronan,

Special thanks to the Campus Sustainability Fund, Earthcorps, and all our wonderful volunteers!