The Snaggle Site is located west of the Drummheller Fountain and southeast of the HUB. This site was covered in ivy, and after a few years of volunteered-powered work parties, the site has been cleared. Plants were installed during Spring 2017, and additional plants are scheduled for the 2017 – 2018 academic year.

The site also has a Horse Chestnut tree in the center of the plot that was “snagglfied” – the non-native tree was deliberately killed to create a upright standing dead tree, or snag. Snags are wonderful habitats for birds by providing insects to munch and cavities for nesting.

The Chestnut has been pruned which has provided more sunlight to the site. The Snaggle Site is dynamic in its natural light in that there are extremely sunny sites with drier soils along with shadier areas with moist sites.

An extension of this site includes a small plot across from the restored area. This site, located behind the shed, has undergone some ivy removal and will need more time and attention in the near future. Plants will also be installed in this smaller plot.

Much progress was made to the Snaggle Site during the 2017 – 2018 academic year. The Horse Chestnut was pruned, and the downed branches were used to create a path into the site. Several plants were also installed in the site and were received by the UW Grounds and the SER-UW Native Plant Nursery. Benches have been placed within the site to welcome visitors to take a rest under the shaded canopy.

Future plans for this site include the addition of interpretive signage. A welcome sign indicating the design and purpose of this site will be placed along the outer portion of the site, and educational plant identification signs will be stationed within the site along the path.

Feel free to visit the site and enjoy some time soaking up the peaceful environment!