The Heron Haven is a restoration site located in the Island Grove forest north of Anderson Hall. This site was established in June 2019 by undergraduate student Nikoli Stevens as a capstone project. Check out Nikoli’s clip on how the Heron Haven site has changed through time!

As the name suggests, the Heron Haven site is the home of a Heron rookery. Great Blue Herons nest in the maple trees on site to raise their chicks. In the summer, its possible to see the Heron parents flying between their nests and the nearby Lake Union!

However, invasive English ivy threatens the survival of the Heron Rookery. This invasive species spreads across the forest floor, choking out shrubs, ferns, ground cover and herbaceous plants as it grows. Even worse, English ivy climbs trees and kills them by shading them out and pulling them down with their weight.

To protect the Heron Rookery, Nikoli is taking on the challenge of removing the English ivy and planting native Washington species in its place. Nikoli wants to put in additional trails so that students can explore the forest, and install edible plants to educate the public about how to eat and use native plants. Nikoli will be hosting restoration events throughout the school year of 2019, so keep an eye out on our calendar to get involved!