photo3The SER-UW Native Plant Nursery is located just south of the Douglas Research Conservatory at the Center for Urban Horticulture on the UW campus. The nursery has housed over 3,000 native plants since its establishment in 2013. So far, over 500 of these plants have been installed at Whitman Walk and Kincaid Ravine. Several hundred more have been purchased by community members and planted by the UW Grounds Crew on main campus.

Each quarter, many students enjoy participating in work parties for the nursery, where they learn about horticulture practices and the value of native plants in urban and wild landscapes.


Meet the SER-UW Nursery Team for 2019-2020!

Check out the Native Plant Nursery video created by Narisa Lin from the Communications Department during Spring of 2018.

Management Objectives for 2017-2018

– Grow native plants for targeted projects, including: a Master of Environmental Horticulture (MEH) student project, Restoration Capstone projects, and campus restoration sites.

– Provide the surrounding community with native plants to purchase during the Fall and Spring Native Plant Sale.

– Provide education to students and community members about native plant care and methods of how to extract invasive plant species.

– Provide internships during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters to students who are interested in management practices of the nursery.

Management Objectives for 2015-2016

– Grow native plants for a selection of targeted projects, including: a Master of Environmental Horticulture (MEH) student project and a campus capital development project.

– Grow a general suite of native plants for the UW Restoration Ecology Network (UW-REN) Restoration Capstone course, the North American Restoration course, Yesler Swamp (View Full Proposal for Yesler Swamp), Kincaid Ravine, and Whitman Walk.

– Manage quarterly interns as they assist with marketing and outreach, collating propagation protocols, and general nursery upkeep.

– Identify and secure additional sources of funding, helping to ensure the continued support of the nursery and associated positions well into the future.

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