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13Nov2019: Nice article in The Herald about our research!

The Fix Is In: Could a marriage between corn and bacteria solve the world’s fertilizer problem” – An article in the current issue of Discover Magazine describes some of our research and its commercialization


Our Plant Microbiology Laboratory researches ways to use natural plant-microbe symbioses to solve pressing environmental issues. Our laboratory demonstrated that endophytes, the microorganisms within plants, can fix dinitrogen, solubilize phosphate, degrade pollutants,  and inhibit fungal pathogens.   By selecting microbial strains from early-successional plants growing in natural, nutrient-limited conditions, we can target those that have the greatest impact on plant survival.


For the last two decades, we have isolated and cultured endophytes, and researched the mechanisms by which they colonize plants, increase plant growth and yields in nutrient-limited conditions, increase water use efficiency and drought tolerance, and improve plant health.  Our research is being used in agriculture, forestry, bioenergy, and environmental restoration.

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