Adding Video to Canvas

So you want to add video content to your Canvas site

Below is our step by step guide for staff and faculty to help you familiarize yourself with the process in an easily digestible way. The process might be slightly different depending on where and how you are integrating video, and whether it is already prepared or not.

Step #1:

Collect video materials, their links, or create video materials by contacting for support with creating your videos.
This link can help explain the video creation process.


Step #2:

Once the videos have either been created or collected, contact with your list of videos, and their location, and explaining which class and time period the videos are intended. At this point, the team can upload them to the proper folders.

UWSOM permissions for video folders are set through Mediasite. Permissions were created so the correct students, staff, and faculty can see the videos at the appropriate times, ensuring no one can view content that isn’t designed for them, and keeping everyone’s privacy up to HIPPA compliance.


Step #3:

Once your video information has been sent to the SOMALT team, we will send a confirmation email explaining where the videos are uploaded (a link to a video or a video catalog will be sent as well), who can see them, and when they will be viewable.

Step #4:

Now that you have either the video link or a video catalog link, you can go to Canvas and link your videos or catalog to the appropriate pages so students can find them.

This process can be found in this How-To video.