Canvas Navigation Tabs

The Canvas Style Guide is a collection of recommendations based on feedback from students and faculty in our Foundations courses.  It’s meant to be a quick reference for setting up your course site.

Canvas web sites have a navigation menu on the left hand side of the window. The tabs in the menu link to different areas of the web site. UW SOM block web sites have a standard group of tabs that are set to be visible to students.

Navigation menu

Visible to students


Visible to students. This tab leads back to the Home page of the web site.


Visible to students. This allows students to see upcoming quizzes and weighting of graded assignments.


Visible to students. This allows students to see their cumulative average. In Seattle, grade distribution is also indicated. Usually, the UW SOM Assessment team will manage exam grading within the gradebook.


Visible to students, but only appears when there is a live evaluation linked to the course. Once the student has submitted the evaluation, the link will no longer appear.

Custom tabs

Custom tabs can be added to Canvas courses with the “Redirect Tool app. For example, a course might add a custom tab that links to a page of frequently used materials.

Not visible to students


Not visible to students. This tab leads to the Modules page. The Modules page is used as the Home page of the web site, accessible via the Home tab, so it’s not necessary to have a an additional tab for the Modules page.


Not visible to students. The Files tab is usually reserved for teacher access only, to allow simpler management of after class materials and faculty only materials. Students access individual files through links on the daily pages.

More info on publishing files


Not visible to students. The list of quizzes will appear in the Assignments tab, where students can see how scores are weighted.

Quiz basics


Not visible to students. The syllabus in UW SOM blocks is available on the Homepage and on daily pages, depending on the block. The Syllabus tab is not used in UW SOM blocks.


Not visible to students, but this is optional. Some blocks have made use of the discussion tab for follow up questions after class.


Not visible to students. For class announcements, the class list serves are the preferred method of communication.

More info on list serves

UW Library

Not visible to students. Library resources are added to the Homepage and daily pages by librarians from UW Health Sciences Library. The UW Library tab is not used.


Not visible to students. The People tab displays the roster of the web site, and can be used to grant access to new viewers. The SOM-ALT technology team manages access to Canvas courses in most cases.


Not visible to students. Course settings are managed by the SOM-ALT technology team. If a setting needs to be changed, contact