Canvas Quiz Basics

For more detail on Canvas quizzes:

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Canvas quizzes can be used for pre- and post-class assessment, reading review, and surveys. Quizzes can contain a variety of multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank and essay questions. Quiz scores are automatically recorded in the gradebook.

Create a Quiz

  1. To add a Quiz, go to the Quiz tab and click “+ Quiz”. This will display the quiz editing page.
  2. Enter a title and instructions for students. Below the instructions box, choose quiz settings such Quiz Type, Time Limit and Available Date. See
  3. At the bottom of the page, click ‘Save’.

Add Questions

  1. Enter the Quiz, click ‘Edit’ and then click the Questions tab (above the Instructions field).
  2. Click ‘New Question’ and choose a question type.
  3. Enter the text of the question and set answer preferences such as question score, correct answers and feedback.
  4. When the question is ready, click Update Question. Then, click Save.

Preview and publish

  1. To review your Quiz, click on the Quiz title.
  2. Click ‘Preview’ to see the student view of the quiz.
  3. Answer questions and click ‘Submit Quiz’ to complete the preview.
  4. When you are ready to release the Quiz, click ‘Publish’. The Quiz will be available immediately, or on the Available Date if a date was set.

Grade the Quiz

  • Multiple choice questions have automatic grading options, based on point values and correct answer settings. Essay questions need to be scored manually.
  • Quiz statistics – On the Quizzes page, click the title of the Quiz. Information about attempts can be found in the right hand column. Click ‘Quiz Statistics’ to see high and low scores or download item analysis.
  • Speedgrader – Click ‘SpeedGrader’ to grade individual students. In SpeedGrader, use the drop down menu at the top to select a student by name. Selecting a student name will display that student’s quiz attempt. Enter scores in the field provided in the right hand column. Multiple choice scores can be changed and “fudge points” can be added to adjust the overall quiz score for a student. Comments can be added in each question. To finish, click Update Scores.
  • Gradebook – Quiz grades are automatically recorded in the gradebook. To temporarily hide grades in the gradebook, Mute the quiz in the gradebook. To Mute the quiz, find the quiz in the top row of the gradebook and click the arrow icon. In the menu, click ‘Mute’. To release grades, repeat the process and click ‘Unmute’.